Monday, 16 April 2018

Sengoku Arachnopobia Japanese style

Quick note. I've left the Alternative Armies facebook page. Gavin wants to restrict the input to only AA games and figures. I can see that, I've no problem. However, I've no wish to restrict myself so I think a parting of the waves is moot at this point.

Time, I think, to bump it up a notch. Go up the mountain and have 2 hunters a-hunting, that way I get to play as well.  

I decided to have 2 who would work together, at least begrudgingly:

The scenario. There's 10 specific counters. As we're using 2 hunters in the Lowlands that's an extra 4 each, so 8. Table size was right last time, so I'll repeat.  This, like the last ones, is straight out of the book.  I hadn't noticed that although you're going hunting the spider demon, there's no chit for it, nor do others allow for it.  So if you're playing this one, suggest you add it.  I cheated on the second scenario. 

The heart of wargaming:
Left, rules, pile of figures with preselection on top.
Centre, coffee, cold, jaffa cakes and cotton wool.
Bottom left clipboard with playsheet and reference sheet.
Bottom right, playing area.

There's a trend developing here, an experienced team follows the new. I have a plan so cunning-.

Aarg Eagle Knight
Action 3
Move 4
Combat 3 2 Longswords 2 attacks but-1 dice each
Shooting 3
Wounds 3
Resolve 3
Defence 2 Basic light armour

Ichi Ban Warrior Monk
Action 4
Move 3
Combat 4 Spear
Shooting 3
Wounds 3
Resolve 3
Defence 2 Basic light armour

It soon became clear that Ichi Ban was clumsy or had poor eyesight as he was extremely good at finding webs and getting entangled.

 Aarg finds an area of low lying mist plus a good omen.

There's no explanation to this one, so took it as another mist marker.

 Fortunately no spiders in play, if a bit later could have been fatal-.

Stalked! If the healing had been the previous spider slave - one dead bird.

He survives the initial onslaught - the healing helps! Then it's slice and dice.  and the hits keep coming, and coming and coming-.  One (10 hits)Trophy Kill.  He is now Aarg Spider Killer.

Oh good, this one again, I think I need to limit its use AND/OR make it D6 duration.

Another spider, now +1 dice.  Easy! But he gets shook of the table.

Phantom  spider!  Old plastic thing, roofing nail, coat of gesso & 2 lumps of cotton wool.  Just about dry- this is one counter you cannot collect.

At last hits earth shaker marker.  Then he hits bad spirits and decides to leave rather quickly.  There's a few counters remaining.

 You'll note that the spider demon was a no-show. 

Game 2.  Here's Iki's next adventure, he's gone up a bit and got a dead dawg-.  I added a couple of random pick counters and turned the board around.

Iki  of the Greenstone Guild. He gained 14 first time out. He is now a full Hunter.
Actions 3 +1=4
Move 5 +1 =6
Combat 5 +1 =6 Longsword
Shoot 3 +1 =4 Throwing knives
Wounds 3 +1=4
Resolve 3 +1=4
Defence 2 Basic armour +1

He can reroll 1st failed dice in combat. Can call "lethal blow" once a game & gets +1D against Tanuki

Inugami dog spirit moves (3cm) with Iki
Combat 3
Defence 3

Helpers 2 sword bearing veteran followers costing 5
Move 5
Combat 4
Defence 4

 Follower triggers 3 at once, this could have been SO bad!

The first follower goes in and breaks his sword!

Poor thing gets sliced up-

Close, suppressed (equal to armour) so goes back coughing.

Then he gets entangled for 6 actions.  6 on his tod, 3 with help from the boss (giving him action). But earth shaker again, star trek falling about.



Shook off the edge!

Come back on the small edge, presuming shaking over.  Marker removed but not gained.  That spider again-

Spooky, dog and swordless paralysed by fear.

The two remaining press on hoping to find a stacker truck.

Now it's Iki's turn.  This counter got missed last time.  He's trapped until the spider demon can be killed.  It's all down to the follower, if he loses, the 2 paralysed will be eaten.  Dramatic music.

Demon shoots her web - and complete miss!

Aided by a good omen from before, the follower strikes! Down she goes!  Iki is free.

Another entanglement.

I made an error last time, this is correct size spider but I did use correct stats.

Easy meat.

Are there no end to these spiders?

All 20 used.