Friday, 13 April 2018

Sengoku the Next 2 Fun in the Forest.

Welcome, I bid you welcome!

I'm going to start with what I did wrong, citing an evostick headache in defense.

1)  I selected counters, complete with newly glued labels, then spread them out.  Wrong. Don't.  You need to have your party triggering multiple encounters.  The ones from this game are VERY well thought out, but are mostly nuisance calls, so having them triggered while someone is being clunked on the head by a branch or buried in leaves is the way to go. 

To be picky, it says "only use the markers below" which I took to be the 10 specific provided.  As in the Lowlands again I added 4 random.  What I should have done is added the bottom line- as many Tanuki counters as above, so 10, making a total of 24.  Oops, my bad.

2) Once again I missed the 6 starter points- I added 14, the number of counters.  Will do better.   So you can take these as not-quite-novices.

I got the scenery spot on-  last time the table was too big, but this A1 sheet worked perfectly.  The scenario calls for 12 trees, so 2 a patch plus shrubbery.

Tony wanted to try the Greenstone Guild, which emphasises swordmanship.
Move 5
Combat 5 Longsword
Shoot 3
Wounds 3
Resolve 3
Defence 2 Basic armour

He can reroll 1st failed dice in combat. Can call "lethal blow" once a game & gets +1D against Tanuki (which is why I chose this scenario)

Helpers 2 veterans (basic, experienced and veteran, different stats per weapon choice)
Move 5
Combat 4
Defence 4

First nuisance.

Next, a tree shifts and 2 Tanuki leap out!  I use 2D6, direction is as they fall, smallest number to biggest.  Another D6 per distance.  This tree blocks the path.

They rush Iki, who dispatches them both.

But the path's back, tactical withdrawl.

Another tree vanishes, another 2 Tanuki.  Curiously, blocked the path again.

 They hit 2 counters.  The first is a  roadside Nurikabe, which removes one marker.  Tony chooses the other onetriggered, which happened to be a Centipede Demon.  Good call-.

Domo agato!

One more tree shifting quickly resolved and that was it.  Would have been better with the swarms of Tanuki.  Lesson learnt.

Game 2  Back to our old friend and survivor Oko.  You can add +1 to each stat if you earn enough.
Actions 3 =4
Move 4 (-2 for armour, so he waddles) +1 = 3
Combat 3 (D6) (basic) sword =4
Shooting 3 War Bow =4
Wounds 3 =4
Resolve 3 =4
Defence 3 Basic heavy armour (so a Tanko suit)

He gained 14 out of 20 from the last game.  So he hires an experienced pair of archers and a veteran team of spear.

Helpers (Followers)
Action 1
Move 4
Combat 4

Defence 4

Action 1
Move 3
Combat 2
Shoot 3

Defence 2

 The Game.  Same set-up.  I added a couple more random counters.  A cautious advance.

They hit Earth Shaker that randomises their moves until they eventually hit the marker.  This was fun, they shuttled all over the shop (although always managing to stay on the path) until they accidentally went through the marker.  A good way to represent getting thoroughly lost!



Could have been nasty-

But this IS nasty!

Just as well this one's 'ard, that spear's getting shorter and shorter!

One down, and the arrows are flying at close range.  The wounds start adding up, but this thing is tough.

The second spearman only just avoids shock, but it's dead.

Vanishing trees & Tanuki again.  2 archers this time, but they're out distanced and out shot.

The boss gets buried in leaves then tripped.

 Yet more, at very close range.  But they fail to even hit.

But Pop!  One is replaced by the Spirit Of The Forest.

 It goes down before it can build up its stats (from failed rolls) One last Tanuki archer gets owned and that's it!

Quite a difference with the different hunters.  Some of those that will only go away once contacted would be lethal to a lone hunter.

As last week, I used this SHM goodie.  Glad I got it, as it doesn't seem to have survived the transition betwix 15mm. co & AA.