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Dominar Rigel vs Baron Greenback 1 RS 1980's Earth. South of Watford Gap.

Let me take you back to when the world was old and sore.

Parts of Old England abounded with alien presences.

Don't get me started, it was not a good time or place to be alive.

Deep breath and move on.

My mercurial mind came out with the idea that we've never had a supervillain face-off.

This will be the campaign to see us through the barren part of yule, when "normal life" imposes like a nosey shark into the smooth running of days.  But there is a shaft of bats piss in the form of "black friday" and winter sales.  These encourage the abandonment of friends and family pressies to the endulgence of self.  This is good, proper capatalist thought to be rewarded.

I'm sure we'll go large to Flying Lead later.  But we're starting with a basic premise:

1)  Baron Greenback is up to no good.
2) Dominar Rigel wants to take over.

The Game was rolled in the normal Rogue Stars way:
Mission 11, Control Terrain. I changed this slightly, identifying 6 specific "bits" of terrain in a cluttered landscape.  Plus Dominar's cousin is set up to rescue the walkers, so that they may feature in a future game.

Location 8  Defenders Home Planet.  Which sets the time and place, savvy?

Complications 17 The Rookie.  This went to Greenback.

I was thinking of London Docklands, but that was like an alien picklydickly circus back then.  In the shadows you have Daleks, Robomen, Police, Torchwood, UNIT,  MI5-.

Location that most suits a supposedly abandoned industrial unit (there were the odd few, before they all became out-of-town shopping destinations.  Loaded with the perfidious pilfering of the evil entrepreneurial Baron.

Baron Greenback  Theme Merchants  (all figures by Alternative Armies)
The Pet Difficult Target, Diminutive, Fast, Insectoid, Leader1, Reactive Armour2 -1 to hit -1 ranged 27
Force flail (built in weapon) Disarm (instead of damage), Clumsy (free counterattack if misses), Energy  9

Rupert Veteran, Leader 1, Martial Arts 2 Marksman 2,  Reactive, Tough  41
Legs, Arms Armour 2  Torso, Head 3
Laser Pistol (4), Light Combat Dress, SMG (4,)  36 = 18

Ekki Thump Minions.  Steve, Terry, Vince, Will. Martial Arts 1 Marksman 1, = 8
Legs, Arms Armour 2  Torso, Head 3
Laser Pistol, Light Combat Dress,SMG (4,)  36 = 18

Bob the Newbie Green, Laser Pistol, Light Combat Dress, Legs, Arms Armour 2  Torso, Head 3

All Crawl 1" Sneak 2" Walk 2" Run 4" Sprint 6"

Pet 36
Rupert 59
Brothers 4 104
Bob 0
Total 199

Dominar Rigel   Theme Mercenaries  (Cousin & Bodyguard AA, rest GZG)

Cousin Oriel  Big, Fast, Leader1 Robot tech1, Tech1 = 23  +1 ranged against.  +1 combat
Tangler  (entangle  8)

Bodyguard Agile 2, Fast, Marksman 3  Martial Arts 3 Reactive  = 37
Hi tech bow, reload, 2handed (3)  3

Grunt Agile 2, Insectoid, Marksman3  Martial Arts 2 Reactive = 47  Armour 2
Heavy Blaster Rifle (6) Heavy 2 Hand Energy  8

Handler Agile 2, Insectoid, Martial Arts 1 Reactive  = 23  Armour 2
Force Spear (3) Long, 2 hand, Energy  4

Prawn (Pinky & Perky) Agile 2, Insectoid, Extra legs 3, Martial Arts 2 Non reactive  = 19  Armour 2
Claws (1)  Microwire Scourge (2) Scorching, (flames lowest armour) 5

Prawns  Crawl 1" Sneak 2" Walk 2" Run 6" Sprint 8"
Cousin & Bodyguard Crawl 1" Sneak 2" Walk 2" Run 5" Sprint 7"
Grunt & Handler  Crawl 1" Sneak 2" Walk 2" Run 4" Sprint 6"

Cousin 31
Bodyguard 40
Grunt 55
Handler 27
2 Prawns 24

Total 201

I tried to make the scatter equal but not obviously so.  The blue & white cards represent the 6 "viable" targets.  There is a ramp way leading through the hull.

First move, the bodyguard goes forward to good cover allowing Oriel to get to the first walker a 20 tech roll!  It's up and moving towards the door- but that leaves him exposed.

Sneaky pet.

Steve takes a risk, but gets away with it.

No archer could resist this shot.

Crap, even with 3 activations allowing 2 aims that's an embarrasing miss.  She's given her position away now-.

Following Steve's poor move young Bob tries the same-.

And pays the price, down and bleeding out in the open.

Will takes a long and risky run to get close to the bodyguard.

My Grunt moves up in support and shoots Will's arm off.

Attracted by the smell of death, Perky the Prawn goes to investigate but gets blown away by Terry who was stalking the bodyguard.

The handler tries to encourage Pinky over the top against Steve and the veteran.  But 3 fails and they've given their position away.

Steve lines himself up and takes out poor Pinky.  2 deaths and my teams pins are building up, slowing me down.

Home ground advantage

Steve comes around SMG blazing, the handler is down seriously wounded and the grunt takes multible hits that knock him back.  He's becoming a pin magnet, ended up with 5 and he's lost his gun.

Covering fire from above

Unable to get to more, and having succeeded with a second walker, Oriel starts a careful retreat, forcing his bodyguard to do same.

My grunt has no choice but to make a dash for the door, pursued by Steve all the way!

Vince is out-of-angle and cannot support.

My depleted team slam the blast doors and get away with their spoils.

Fun game.  Everything turned on Pinkys' refusal to leap into action.  If he had, taken out one, giving that side some pins instead of me?  There wasn't much in it, Tony won by killing 2 of mine and retaining 4 objectives.  I seriously wounded 2 and regained 2.

Now there's a problem.  The Baron has 2 walkers but he's got a seriously wounded handler who's DNA profile will unlock them.  I feel a Daring Raid coming on!

Watch this space.

One part of Germy's 2mm supertank, other I cannot remember.  In painting queue, honest.

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