Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Beta OAAH Something Fishy comes this way

I've flogged these rules left, right n centre.  So far so good.  I think a lot can be put down to representation.  Is it one figure = 1 participant or more?  If so, the restriction on shooting in the same area makes more sense.

Plus, I'm running out of figures and combinations that work.  This is one we did way, way back in the day.  You'll note that the Samurai are historical, no fantasy additions.  This size game gives a decent result without having to push it in our 4 hour time frame.

Yes, I'm cheating using same forces from last week.  Our Tony remarked that the Fishmen have won every time they're used, regardless of rules.  So I've given him his preferred army to have a bash!

General 4 3 5 General Amphibious 3x lives. @35.
Trident 4 3 5 Amphibious. 10 @ 14 = 140
Net 4 2 5 Shoot1 Amphibious. 16 @ 17 = 272
Gun 4 2 5 Shoot2 Fear*, Amphibious. 8 @ 20 = 160
Artillery 3 2 5 Artillery2, Resilient. @ 24.

Crustaceans. 4 3 8 Tough, Amphibious 5 @ 34 = 170
Sub Total 801
Lg Tank Q4 A7 D7 Art.4, Boat, Resiliant, 4extra lives, Amphibious @ 68
Sm Tank Q4 A5 D5 Art.2 Boat, Resiliant, 2extra lives, Amphibious @ 43
Mortar Tank Q4 A3 D5 Seige3, Boat, Resiliant, 2extra lives, Amphibious @ 40
Godzillasaurus Q3 A4 D6 Monster2 Tough 45
Total 997

*If you look at the gun, it's a large bore, large projectile that will make a real mess of anything.  Fear is supposed to be an artillery addition, causes damage then target takes a morale test.  Bit like a trench mortar?

General Q3 A2 D6 General, Fast, Shoot 3, extra 2 lives @ 65
Samurai cavalry Q3 A2 D6, Mounted, Fast, Shoot 3 @ 33 x 12 = 396
Samurai foot Q4 A3 D6 @ 19 x 16 = 128
Samurai archers Q4 A1 D6 Shoot 3 @ 12 x 24 = 192
Follower archers Q4 A1 D4 Shoot 2 @ 12 x 10 = 120
Follower Q4 A3 D4 @ 6 x 16 = 96
Total 997

The game.  Quite simple really, invasion from the sea.  Do you like the earthen bank?  Flocked dates container with The Scene wooden bits added.  My objective was to get the siege gun in range of the fortifications.

Tony won the initiative and hared down the table, getting his cavalry into cover.

Archers start to whittle.

Followers steam in and take 1 casualty from the gun, swarm in and over.

So much for heavy artillery!  3 misses, they got in under the gun.

Artillery is not the best at hand-to-hand!

Sneaky Godzillasaurus Flank Attack Move!

I had enough plus the room to send a flanking force.

The shooters got sucked into the centre mess.
They're behind you!

Godzillasaurus roars out into Tony's flank, but meets stiff resistance and goes down.

The crusties did better, making the archers retreat from the berm.

The crusties go down under a desperate cavalry charge, but their job was done, the way is open-.

Meanstwhile - Centre Intense Battle!

Tony moved some up on the flank, to keep them out of the fire.

I OWN bad shooting-.

Getting cavalry out of woods, not easy.


At my rear.  Archers take out the smaller tank, but the small artillery unit proves its worth by destroying 3 small remnant units (1 samurai, 2 cavalry) in quick succession.

The End

At this stage I seemed to have more left, but everything just bounced off the Samurai archers in fishy sauce ruin!

I'm not sure, but I think I'm passed the 60% break point-  So that was that.  Samurai archers won the day, just standing there like a rock.