Friday, 17 November 2017

OAAH Beta Mars, borrowed plot!

I'm not too bad at coming up with games, but I didn't get to where I am today without nicking someone else's idea.  So I spot a FB post about a Space 1889 game.  The party had to explore a Martian ruin while the British Army holds off the locals.  I wish I could find it!

Now I'm thinking that if I'd spent a little more time I could have run a starter-adventure using Rogue Stars with Torchwood team a-tunnelling for treasure.  As it happens there's a basic bit of the rules that tells me that the party encounters something nasty on the way in, loses 2.  They lose another 2 in the adventure but win the treasure.

That's where this game starts.  Torchwood's emerging from the ruins triumphant but now it's time to get out of dodge-.   I know, the green cloth's all wrong, something else needs doing.  My Troy works quite well, though!

The players  (I need to add some Martian additions, Sepoy infantry and interesting weaponry for the trucks.  Rocket infantry and possibly a unit of cavalry, probably local plus British officers & sergeants.)

Royal Engineers
Command Vehicle Q3 A3 D8 Artillery L3 (gatling gun) General, Tough, 3 extra lives @ 111
Charabang mounted Torchwood 3 2 5 Tough, Shoot1, Adventuring party 6 x 27= 162 + 31= 193
Tankette contraption Q4 A3 D8 Artillery L3,Tough, 3 extra lives 2@ 84 = 168

Charabang Q4 A2 D8,Tough, @ 31 carrying:
Infantry Q4 A2 D4, Shoot3, Drilled 8 x 16 = 128 making a total of 159. 3 of these = 477.

Native contingent
Truck 4 2 4 Tough, 2lives @26. Shooters Shoot2, 8x14 = 112 + 26 = 138
Truck Swords 4 3 4 Tough 8x16 = 128 + 26 = 154
Total 1,241

General 3 4 5 L4 Tough, 3lives @ 100
Bodyguard 3 4 5 Tough, 5 @25= 125

Zombie & Maiden Shooters 4 3 5 Shoot2, Drilled, 20x20 = 400
Zombie Armoured 2hand weapon 4 4 5 Nonreactive* 48x11= 528
Zombie horde 5 2 4 Nonreactive horde 24 x 4 =96

Total 1,233

*Nonreactive is just that.  They cannot take advantage of missed actions.  Slow off the mark.  Slowed the game down and gave Tony's forces a "zomb - zomb" speed.  Just as well, considering my dice rolling!  Reactive zombies would have been running--.
The Game.  I decided to set the Brits in-situ and the locals can come from any direction.

Artillery 2 is a good match for early machine guns.  As its a "2" you roll 2 dice (not halved like normal shooting) and hit on a 4, ignoring armour.  First shooting kills 2.

Fighting vehicles is tough, but from my own experience even modern AFV's will come apart when faced by big sloshy polearms.

The locals command team sneak through a building (removed for ease) and crash onto a charabang.  They take some damage but shrug it off.  Our first ever attack with no casualties on the winning side!  Anti-imperialist swines!

Faced by forces on 2 sides, the Brits recieve raking fire from the flank.

First withdrawl.

Then its the Colonel to the rescue, gatlings blazing.

Zombi railgun vs British Infantry.

Blue dice the zombies.  They have 12, so shooting they roll 6 and do very well-.

Brits have 8, so roll 4- also do well.  This is a meatgrinder.

The charabangs are taking a pounding.

Burning vehicles make effective barricades.


Double handed undead vs live single.

Get back on the charabange!  Brits start to consolidate and withdrawl.  Torchwood is already to go-.

Hold on!

- Crap-.

Goes back on reaction

Colonel comes a-blazing again!


There comes a time when you had lots of units- and then you don't.

Having fought valiantly, the Colonels luck runs out and he's caught by the zombies.