Saturday, 2 December 2017

Alternative Armies scenery and multiscale offerings

I recently spent, um, a little too much on scenery and some really, really irresistible stuff.  

However, I got a real surprise when I opened the box-.  

First off, I paid for this stuff, it's my selection.  I am receiving no reward for this review.

Second, all buildings are straight out of the box.  The rest had no mold faults or bubbles.

All had been washed in soapy water.

Skeleton on a throne and giant rats.  Skelly looks a little small, I'd have prefered to pay more in metal.  Having said that, very "Conan" lots of detail, although I'd be tempted to add a sword across the lap.  The rats are a good size, nice poses.  Mounted on UK penny.  Wish I'd gone for the multipack deal, still, next time.

Mommy worm and the kids.  Detail, pose, texture.  All excellent!  The little fellows are full of character!

Tree feller.  I put all limbs on with PVA & superglue.  I put on glue, dip in PVA then shove together quick.  Needs basing as the arms makes it top heavy.  The texture and face are excellent.

Crab Monster.  Is a monster!  Big enough to slice choppers or dragons out of the sky, a hazard to shipping.  Arms went on as above.  Texture again is superb.  I was tempted to get this one before, and buy the multi deal.  Base is quite big but wouldn't trust it to resist the weight of that huge claw.

Fantasy buildings.  I disagree with that.  These will fit in from late Medieval to present day.  The attention to detail is exceptional.  Windows, doors are deep set, looks like every brick has been hand placed.  I've bought several lasercut buildings recently thinking that was the way to go.  But here is quality, exceptional value and character.

I don't know who the modeller is, but I hope to get more of their work.  Ruins.  And please!  A church and/ot temple.  Please, please let this guy lose on Japanese buildings!

This 4 story building is a close match to the builging that housed our second shop.  The 2 lower windows were turned into one bow window when converted to a shop.

These would fit into early medieval and I had a relative in a tithe cottage that looked like this when I was a kid.  The 2 together like this reminds me of a friends grade1 listed property just outside Ludlow.

I like the way they fit together, there's a couple of buildings like this close to here. Lots of thought has gone into these.

You'll have seen this Hovels building in many of my posts.  I'd like you to compare the quality of the detail.

I'm loving this statue.  Not to OTT as SOME would have done it. You can see the chisel marks.

Orc village.  Once again the detail is excellent.  Cannot fault!

Note in the background the bricked-up doorway.

If you look closely you can see the internal detail.  The external detail is varied and well- quality.  I'm going to have to start that mammoth-hunting game now!