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RS Dominar Rigel vs Baron Greenback 3 Clash of the Villains!

Tricksy and all a whimsy my precious gossips!

As you have read (I hope-there will be homework and a test!)  Poor Dominar's attempts have come to naught.  His alien mercenaries proved no contest to the Barons Ekki Thump fanatics.

Worse still, their walkers have been lost to the dread Sheyang.  Conflict event is on the horizon.  Watch this space.

Even on our crowded little island there are pockets of such darkness that prompt cartographers and tax inspectors to mark their charts "Here Be Dragons.  We have explored, have we not, dread Yorkshire above the Frank Muir.  Now we plunge new depths of horror.  Many centuries ago a thriving city was lost beneath the waves off the shore of Cornwall.  At certain isolated coves and bounders upon certain times of the year you can still hear the pumps that keep the city alive and the mournful ringing of its bells that call the time called Knocking Off.

How, I hear you cry, did you reach this sound conclusion?  We agreed that the Dominar had had a fair crack, but had blown it.  Time for The Baron to be the aggressor.  As usual we consulted the charts of planning sacred unto these rules:

Mission (Plan) 9  Abduction.  Several targets presented, relative?  Wife?  Bodyguard?  Or the Dominar himself, wosnamed in his own lair?

Location Outdoors, flammable atmosphere.  Difficult one.  Extrapolate!   Both are amphibians, so outdoors can equate to underwater, safe from prying eyes and levering teeth.  Dangerous atmosphere, high oxygen/methane mix.  Thus the undersea lair.  Choice now (remember this is the 80's)  high tech sunken base capable of holding the odd pilfered nuclear submarine.  Or, a lost city garrisoned by the mutated remnants of its inhabitants.

Complication. It's Personal. 7  That settles it, the feud gets personal and the villainous leaders are destined to clash!

Now let us examine the protagonists:

Baron's Ekki Thump St'yup Merchant*.
Baron Greenback Amphibious, Big, Leader2, Marksman2 Tech3.  39
Mono Slugthrower (4) Auto, Infinite ammo.  4
+1 to shoot, +1 in combat

St'yup Marksman2, Reactive 17
Spacesuit,  Armour 1.
"Flight" pack 8"move in water, "Fly" onto land or building as one action (diff 5 or fall upon landing) free disengage from combat.
Hunting Needler (3) Silent, 2 Handed.  14
Total 198

All Crawl 1" Sneak/Walk 2" Run 4" Sprint 6"

Dominar Rigel's Militia
Dominar Rigel Amphibious, Fast 1 Leader2, Reactive, Tech2 38
Force Shield, Melee optimised,  Monowire Tangler (3) entangle, built-in (chair) 26
Armour 4  14

Shark Man Militia Amphibious, Marksman2, Martial arts2, Reactive.  15
Laser rifle, Blind, 2Hand, Energy,  Monoblade (built in=bite) Armour Piercing14
Upgrade one to Veteran  6
Total 198

Sharkmen Crawl 1" Sneak/Walk 2" Run 4" Sprint 6" Dominar Crawl 1" Sneak/Walk 2" Run 5" Sprint 7"

*There is a faction in the Ekki Thump called (by their peers) the St'yup who will undertake such actions as going into the depths without regard for training and practice.

The Game.  I decided to dice for the location of my (Dominars) troops.  four 6's and a 5 put the bulk in this building and the Dominar in the connected domed one.

Tony decided that his were going to drop in, so diced for arrival around his edge.

As the attacker he had the initiative, but I did quite well on reactions, getting what I wanted out of the building.

My forward guard spots movement (flight packs are not stealthy) and moves in.  He's distracted and doesn't spot the Baron.

Tony's rooftop sniper starts a firefight.  Wounds and pins my "C" He then moves back and my veteran moves up to engage.  My "A" gets in the water and Tony's "4" leaps into action, but comes down hard.

My veteran is surrounded, one above and on each flank.  Beats a hasty dive!

When sharks attack.  A desperate leap, but a sharks got to do what a sharks gotta do.  And it works, the outclassed human goes down in a welter of bubbles and pink foam.

Brave twit attacks my veteran!  He gets lucky and mine loses a weapon.  The fight goes on, and on, and on, each trading pins but no real damage.   Using his "free disengage" card he jumps off, barely missing the crab god statue.

Meanstwhile my foremost shark tries to sneak around on the humans in the water- only to run into Baron Greenback, who promptly blows his head off.

My Veteran rolls a 1 on reaction, leaving him a sitting duck.  A shot- a 20, one dead veteran.

That leaves the Dominar with 2 choices- flee or fight.

Dominar critically fails a reaction, leaving him a sitting duck, and he's outnumbered.  Hiding behind statue good move!

The Baron takes out another shark.

My "D" is out for revenge, outnumbered, outflanked, he hunt the Baron.

The Baron at close quarters!  A 20!  He's down, wounded, pinned and pummelled!

In for the attack!  But a fail- the Baron manages to get away from his assailant.

Now this was the deciding roll.  Any fail would allow the last remaining fanatics to intervene.  So does the Dominar attack or flee?  Drum roll.  Rolls dice.  3 successes!  Dominar zooms to the Baron, a successful entanglement!  The last 2 fail their morale roll, surrender and that's it.

Talk about a cliff hanger!  Fun wee thing to do, took us most of the holiday run-up.  But there's just one more.  Regular readers will guess the next plot.  And I think we'll go back to our "comfy slippers"  Flying Lead for this one-.

One thing this campaign has done is push the scenery button.  I bought several A2 5mm thick EVA foam sheets.  The top one I'd intended for Mars but it worked well here.  I gave it some dirty washes from the quick (unfinished)  paint jobs.  I think this will work well for swamp or dessert terrain.  Will do more.

The base was another sheet with some rather nice felt wrapped around it.

I thought my city beneath the sea aught to have some gods, so I gave my recent purchases a very quick paint job.

This doesn't take well.  I used metalic white & black dark grey over white gesso.  Topped with a paynes grey ink.  I wanted it to look like obsidian.  So far, so good!

Metallic white over gesso.  a bit bright-.

Potted plants.  The felt gives a nice water texture, chalk would have helped-.

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