Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Flying Lead vs Rogue Stars 1 of 2 Giving an Ogron a Plan

I've had this project in mind for a long, long time. We played around with it pre-blog but the emimmmmemmimint release of Rogue Stars has thrust it to the breech.

This isn't an Rogue Stars game. It will be for comparison purposes.

For those in the know about such things, hello, this game is rooted in the rebel forces of Dalek Second Empire. From this world tree branches will reach out to Larry Niven's Known Space and Farscape through the tenuous link that in the official history “Daleks fought human colonists on the frontier”. Needless to say. What? OK, the roots touch traditional Dr Who and stretch to tickle Torchwood.

These are the on going missions of the Dalek Cruiser Light Zonal Extermination,
Captain J'Zirk commanding, whose 5m Rel mission is to seek out
new and interesting threats and exterminate them extremely.

A (reduced) Crew Roster:

Captain J'Zirk. A product of the next generation Golden Emperor’s program, ( in trials proved borderline subversive. Rather than waste such material, assigned to Border Security.

Science Officer Z'Spokk. Another borderline trial of the program likewise assigned to Border Security.

Head Engineer Zzotty. Like his operative Zid, from a genus stable enough to withstand podding (life support module being transferred to a different model travel machine)

Weapons Master Zeckof. A (possibly too) stable cross-genus able to withstand podding (life support module being transferred to a different model travel machine). Heavy Weapons Travel Units (HW) are usually assigned to fresh hatchlings as the extreme heat generated by use has a detrimental effect on the emotional well-being and life expectancy of the occupant.

Sub Officers
Science communications Dalek
Security communications Dalek

Scout Section. This is the section that is supposed to handle all planet based missions. Scout Travel Machines are lighter armoured but have higher sensor capacity than normal models.
Head Security I'Zzulu. A rarity, a scout who survived long enough to get promotion.
Science Communications Dalek J'Ze
Scouts Experienced in ground warfare.
Z'Lim equipped with the Mk5 Sniper Empeller and standard dome mounted laser.
Z'Kum also equipped with the Mk5 Sniper Empeller, sports a CC (Communication and Command) dome giving a higher sensor input.

Dalek Ratings
Security. New crew on their first mission from hatching.
Engineer Zid
Heavy Weapons Dalek New crew on their first mission from hatching.

Mission Roster security away team total 392:
I'Zulu. Q3, C3, Body armour, cbt specialist, Elite, Leader steady under fire, =97
Dome “Rifle” lethal vs soft targets, range max 3 medium.

J'Ze Q3, C2, bodyarmour, commo, specialist, 50, “Pistol” lethal vs soft targets, range max 2 medium.

Z'Lim Q3, C3, Body armour, cbt specialist, Elite, Sniper, steady under fire, 123
Rifle” lethal vs soft targets, range max 3 medium.
Empeller Lethal vs. Soft Targets,Long, Silent, Slow Reload, Sniper Scope, Stable

Z'Kum Q3, C3, Body armour, cbt specialist, Elite, Sniper, Crack shot, steady under fire,=122
Pistol” lethal vs soft targets, range max 2 medium.
Empeller 23,Lethal vs. Soft Targets,Long, Silent, Slow Reload, Sniper Scope, Stable

Ogrons. Ogrons are a humanoid species that inhabit cold, hostile planets on the edges of systems. They are hard bastard, pirates and mercenaries. Daleks employ them as security guards. They may all speak in a Geordy accent, man.

Captain Ron – A Pirate King
Points 95
Quality 4+
Combat 4
Special Rules
Body Armor, Combat Fiend, Leader, Strong

Bosuns -
Points 87
Quality 4+
Combat 4
Special Rules
Body Armor, Combat Fiend, NCO/Second In Command, Strong

Points 47
Quality 4+
Combat 4
Special Rules
Body Armor, CQB Specialist, Strong

Pistols Points: 14 Combat +2, Max Range 3 Medium, Move & Shoot

Rifle Points:39
Armor Piercing, Combat +3, Move & Shoot, Range: Long, Select Fire, Spread

SAW Points:51
Armor Piercing, Combat +4, Lethal vs. Soft Targets, Move & Shoot, Range: Long, Spread, Stable

Here's a couple of “boat rosters”, a bosun with a few pirates given a task. I've worked out the Daleks at 392 above, so going with 2nd option.
Bosun with pistol 101, Bert the Big Gun 47+51= 98, 2 pirates with rifles 86x2 = 172. Total 371
Bosun with pistol 101, 3 pirates with rifles 86x3 = 258, Arry the Axe 47. Total 396

Scenery. I made this a few years back and its seen little use. Note I used kids glitter glue quite liberally after seeing a program on earthquakes, particularly in Japan, where building have a high percentage of glass. This would powder down but still be highly visible decades on. Unfortunately the Ogrons have a muted pallet-.

Figures.  Daleks are Khurasan Exterminators with added sniper rifles from a Scotia 6mm tank.  Pirates are both packs of GZG alien mercenaries.  The Captains pet is from an alien pack from someone-. 'arry 'n 'is mate are Khurasan road mutants.

The Plot. 'arry's involvement gives the plot. This is a harsh, brutal landscape. Nothing grows here and the few commuters- well, lets just say you wouldn't want to meet them. The reason for the desolation? Well the cyber-leaders head might be a clue. 'arry's job it to carefully extract the CPU with his tool. The Daleks job is to stop 'em.

The Game. I took the Daleks, won the toss. I'Zulu moved his team forward to establish an FO.
The snipers spread out, Z'Lim to my left, Z'Kum to the right. J'Ze took the central and I'Zulu the forward.

The Ogrons suffered with lesser morale and few reactions. The Bosun came forward quite strong, a crewman followed him to the cyberhead.

Crack, ping! A near miss on the Boson by Z'Kum sends him scuttling for cover. Z'Lim goes forward looking for an angle but goes a gap to far, the rearmost pirate takes a snap (reaction) shot and Z'Lim explodes in a cyan pulse

Knowing the Bosun's out there on the flank. With the others hunkered down on overwatch J'Ze goes left looking for him. Unfortunately he finds him and gets zapped!

I'Zulu is now annoyed and stalks the Bosun. He gets the shot and its a 6:1! The Bosun's down all gory like and his pirates make a partial retreat. Z'Kum takes a pot shot but misses.

I'Zulu stalks towards the cyberhead, but is in danger of encirclement and works his way back. Z'Kum gets a decent shot and a pirate dies.

But I'Zulu's luck has run out and Dalek down deaded. That leaves Z'Kum to make a hasty retreat.

A lot slower than I expected. The Daleks are slightly underpowered but better quality and highly maneuverable. And so on to the next set of rules!

This is 'arry being delicate

The game from Z'Kum's viewpoint.

The Pirates 

 Other Daleks

You lose it here and you're in a whole world of hurt