Saturday, 19 November 2016

Flying Lead ArmysArmy scenarios 1 of 3 PAU vs Southpaws

Sir” - “Yes lad”, “This gun barrel, Sir” - “Yes lad”, “it's empty Sir!” “Gad, it's been rifled!”

That very nice chap at ArmysArmy has got a friend with experience to write up some scenarios on the conventional World War in the 80's most of us were expecting.

In the finest traditions of wargamers everywhere I have acquired and adapted. Also by tradition I have started in the middle. I'd echo his request for a donation, there is no free lunch here.

I don't have the relevant forces, but we have two mid-tech that can be utilised for you entertainment and enjoyment. So – stand by your knees, paint pot white in left hand, brush 4” right. Aaaaatenshun!

Mission 2

This is a defence mission, again set in the early hours of the Soviet invasion. In the middle of the table, 4 small woods separated by cross tracks. The rest of the table place terrain as desired.

British/PAU Briefing
The Battalion is still in the Active Edge area. Radio Silence is still in force. Reports have come in of contacts on neighbouring units.

Your Troops for this mission.
1 Mechanised Platoon HQ in FV432 - (5 men - Senior Officer, 2IC, 1 light mortar, 1 medic, 1 Comms)
3 X Mechanised Infantry Sections - 3x FV432 (8 men) SLR, GPMG, Carl Gustav)
(My APC's are different, but as only one missed shot in whole game-ignore)

Your platoon is tasked with defending a wooded area that has been designated Battalion refuelling point. The tracks give good access and the woods provide overhead cover. You have now been position for several hours and a phone line has been completed to Battalion HQ. Fuel trucks have not arrived. Stand to has been and gone so your platoon is on rest with fire positions manned.

You have no attachments. Bn Mortars are in prepared position and recently completed a line check and are on call if required.
Enemy Troops
Still unconfirmed but is believed that a large number of paratroops are now operating within our Area of Operation
Your platoon is to defend the woods, when POL trucks arrive inform BN HQ.

All troops start dug in position within the 4 woods. Player can occupy as many as he chooses. Because Radio silence is still in force Platoon Leader must be in base contact with unit to change its orders. He can choose to break Radio Silence but costs victory points. The phone line runs to the original position of Platoon HQ. If Platoon HQ moves from that position telephone contact is lost until they return to that position. (I used command vehicle to represent secure coms)

Soviet/Southpaw Briefing
Comrade our landings have been successful. We must now must spread out and cause disruption within our area of operations. In the past the enemy have been seen using the woods marked. The role has changed but HQ is convinced that they will attempt to use them.
Artillery is prepped and will give you support. (ASU available if purchased)

Your Troops for this Mission
1 Mechanised Platoon HQ in FV432 - (5 men - Senior Officer, 2IC, 1 medic, 1 comms, 1 sniper)
(Debussed, infiltrated, SO, Sniper, SAW, 2 troopers)
3 X Mechanised Infantry Sections - 3x BMD-1 (6 men) AK, RPK, RPG)
(2 IFV's, Officer, 4 infantry, SAW)
1 Armour Troop - x3 ASU-85
(2 scout, 2 infantry each, MBT close support gatling railgun, riders Officer, 4 infantry, SAW)

Your mission is to capture the woods and prepare an ambush position the woods.

Player choice of table edge to come in from, 1st move brings him on to table. If Mechanised must be in vehicles

Victory Condition
The player who is holding all 4 woods at end of game gains 5 victory points.
British Player Breaking Radio Silence -2 Victory points

The Game

This is the largest such game we've done. Normally we plan to comfortably complete in our 4 hour time limit.

I took my PAU & Tony his Southpaws. I set up in the woods, a unit in each. Left me fairly stretched out.

Tony decided to roll for it, which seems sensible as a breakthrough on either flank is possible. As it was, he came on from my front. I had plenty of opportunity and reactions (you can imagine teams working to launch as many missiles as possible). I got some lucky shots, stopped but not destroyed both scouts and an IFV but not their crew of fighters, alas.

So first blood to me. My 1st squad (no coms- not something we'd have considered) sent a runner back to HQ and the 2ic made his way forward (as a spotter for the mortar). Which was fortunate, as the first wave of Southpaws (proper Rus tactics, run in shooting) having used the scout for cover came dashing in. Their shooting took out the officer and SAW. A couple ran after the officer died and the launcher managed to get away. First, the only survivor, the 2ic got knocked down, then he had a brawl with a trooper while everyone else watched. The rear unit had advanced in a combat patrol but failed to enter the woods, which lost them the initiative and saw them attacked in turn.

On the other flank the remaining IFV laid down a withering storm of fire on my other forward unit, leaving only a mopping up operation for the infantry. As my SAW was shaken (suppressed if you prefer, we represent this by turning the figure around) they proved easy meat.

So that was it, I'd lost a lot of infantry, Tony lost recoverable vehicles. My command would be capable of getting away, as did my APC's. Hopefully someone would stop the fuel tankers!

"Sir, contact forward"

Command and Scouts move up