Friday, 4 November 2016

Flying Lead Rampage at Market Green, PAU vs Llhurg

Incident at Market Green, Happy Valley.

So 'ee says “I can wargame tomorrow”. Aaaaagh. Panic. Now I knew, like my towel, where my Llhurgs are. I'd just painted these armoured cars for my PAU. I pulled pout the top load of my tiles- but those were the ones I'd been using. So I pulled out all the modern road sections. I pulled out yet more old buildings that I've used for PAU before. My OGAM wood sections, they're the proper size but I got lazy and just used CD bases.

It was about now that marvelous hindsight hit me, GZG had a flash infantry only sale and I didn't take advantage of it. True, there's a very small (relative) pile waiting to be painted that includes civvy women & children. I struggled to make a force of cloth capped militia. Now if I'd bought one of each pack and same of the helmet-less mercenaries I could have done an excellent local defence force getting in the way game. Bereted infantry could be siphoned off for UNIT. Then I had another idea. The special forces with their big bush hats, ideal rural police. Watch this space. This was supposed to be a small force, but its sort of grown-.

I added a couple of brewed up vehicles and the local militia (all in soft caps) on top of buildings.

I can “do” standard Llhurg & PAU off me 'ead. The armoured car is a more armoured & powerful version of the special forces vehicle:

Points 81
Quality 4+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Armored +3 (Medium), Gyro Stabilization, Long Move, Off-Road, Vehicle

Points:49 Gatling weapon
Armor Piercing, Auto Fire, Combat +4, Lethal vs. Soft Targets, Range: Long, Spread

Points:40 HEAP Missile Launcher (4)
Anti-Tank 4, Grenade Combat 5, Lethal vs. Soft Targets, Range: Long, Very Slow Reload

As the targets vehicles are all softskins – one hit by either weapon & they're toast with Llhurg jam.

The Game.
Tony had the PAU, me the Llurgs. I was set up with my assault force “in motion”. This was a game of 2 halves.

Main attack.
On my left I was surprised Tony sent most of his force around the wrecks. I clobbered the first one hard enough to make the crew bail, then disabled it. The offending truck sucks a missile. The drone snuck into position and painted my other truck that got cheesed by a missile. Next my infantry got chewed & forced back by the gatling. I brought the other truck up and hit his no.2 with rockets, again the crew bailed. By this time his infantry was moving up, but slowly, so slowly was my mutant! On reaction it opens fire, first shot a 6:1 gory death! Tony's nice line of advance disappears behind the vehicles pursued by hot lead. My infantry sort of rally and take their wrath out on the drone, embarrassingly to no effect. So the mutant comes up and clobbers it-.

The other flank.
Ever played Hammers Slammers? This is as close as we've got to it with Flying Lead.
The rooftop infantry exchange some fire. Rockets are directed on Tonys position, destroying a digger. The lone car zooms down the flank, never missing an activation or reaction, sneaks through the light shrubbery and missiles my roadblock. An attempt to missile it goes poor, 2 fails allows it to scoot out of the beaten zone.Then it slides through and unleashes hell, destroying my missile vehicles then the harem.

That causes a morale check and my troops and the one remaining car vacate! Fortunatelly there was no-one in a position to pursue so I got away!

Not a bad game, “unpointed” and quickly organised but still with a few tactical challenges.  Tony lost 1 trooper and 2 vehicles disabled but recoverable.  Some new potholes and a civilian truck.


Main Attack


Other Flank/Rear