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ArmyArmies scenario 2 PAUvs Southpaws, Probe at Harrisond Ford.

Now we move on to the next scenario. Ambushes are always meat grinders. I had to put, oh my platonic platoon of purveyors, some thought into interpreting the table. Problem is I have 2 ways to go, rectangular 27” (tiles are 9/18”) wide or my 36” square tabletop. I decided to go with a dense table with bugger all maneuver room for the vehicles, which are presumed to be hull & power down at the start of the game. Tony used lots of markers, every other letter was a proper unit.

Here we go. All the vehicle & infantry bumph can be found on earlier posts. Note on trees and plants, models are representative of type & density rather than exact representation as in some other games.

The Scenario.
For a change the PAU/British are on the attack in this mission. A road runs along the middle of table, in the centre there is a bridge crossing a small river. The river has steep banks and can only crossed by vehicles using the bridge. Infantry on foot can attempt to cross the river, by wading. To do this move to bank roll 1 D6 on 5 or 6 not fordable at that point. Need to full at least half a move along bank to attempt the crossing. There should be a least 3 building in area of the bridge. Place rest of terrain as required on rest of table.

PAU/British Briefing
Contact has been made with enemy at various points. Orders have come from higher to move to alternate position. The battalion has now formed a battlegroup, with the attachment of 1 squadron of armour. Radio Silence has now been lifted. The Battlegroup will be moving out shortly. Your platoon has been tasked with carrying a recce of the route to the new position

Your Troops for this mission
Your Troops.
1 Mechanised Platoon HQ in FV432 - (5 men - Senior Officer, 2IC, 1 light mortar, 1 medic, 1 Comms swapped for command car)
3 X Mechanised Infantry Sections - 3x FV432 (8 men) SLR, GPMG, Carl Gustav)
1 Armour Troop - x3 Chieftains (swapped for armoured cars)
Battlegroup mortars are not available.

Mission Clear the route for the Battlegroup

Player choses chose which edge he come in on. Must start of on a Road or track. Must stay in vehicles until enemy is sited or come under fire which ever happens first.

NB If you have not purchased the Mechanised Start pack, assume that Bn Reece has warned of enemy in the area and your troops have debussed from 432. Still enter by road or track.

Southpaw/Soviet Briefing
Comrade. So far the landings have been successful. It is now time to spring an ambush. Move your platoon to the area of the bridge. Prevent the enemy from escaping that way. You have D30 bty on call.
Your Troops
1 Mechanised Platoon HQ in FV432 - (5 men - Senior Officer, 2IC, 1 medic, 1 comms, 1 sniper)
3 X Mechanised Infantry Sections - 3x BMD-1 (6 men) AK, RPK, RPG)
1 Armour Troop - x3 ASU-85
As last week but without the vehicle riders.

Hold the bridge at all costs.

At least 2 sections of Infantry are to be in position near the bridge, the remainder can be off table waiting call. The can enter at any table edge on your side of the river. All must come on at same point but not at same time. If you do not need the reserve, then it is better no to call them on.

Victory Conditions
Holding the bridge 5 Victory points
Not calling for reserve is an additional 3 victory points if Southpaw/Soviet player is holding bridge at end of game.

The Game

As Tony was ensconced, I started. Chose to do a fairly quick advance hoping to get over the ford with vehicles supported by infantry wading across either flank and keeping one infantry section back as a mobile reserve.

Once spotted, my scouts were locked into a KO battle that saw them all scrapped bar one of mine. With most of the missiles gone the tank made a move, took out an (empty) APC before stalking and killing the last scout. Mention in dispatches the one IFV Tony used that got stunned, but managed to shrug everything else off including an aimed shot point blank buzzbomb. Then it woke up and minced my waders. That allowed waves of infantry to come in and cheese them.

In the centre this looks mad, advancing troops against this much armour, but it was either dead or stunned. Tony again had to rely on throwing infantry at me. But that's how we see these guys MO.

I just couldn't handle the infantry, perhaps I should have advanced my other unit into the middle to spread the pain.

I got my command with 3 survivors hanging on, a full APC. Ouch.

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