Saturday, 3 September 2016

OGAM Olympus Round 3, Athena vs Hermes. Welcome to the meat grinder.

OGAM is a thinking evolved beings game.  But it still revolves around the proper use of pointy sticks.

Athena's is how I see Odysseus force at Troy.
Athena Q2 C4 Prophesy, Protection, 248
Legends Odysseus Q2 C2 Stealth, Free disengage, 2 Chariot heroes, Q3 C3 Armored, Mounted @ 96
4x8 Early tower shield spear (CO) Q4 C2, Greedy @ 12.
8xOO Javelin Q4 C1 shooter short @ 11 1,006

When I designed this force I thought that the Hermes & Gorgon combination would be a difficult one to face, and so it turned out. One to get in trouble and the other to get 'em out.
Hermes Q2 C3 Super speed, Free disengage, stealth, v difficult target.
Legends Medusa Q3 C3 Poison, Turn to stone, Stheno Q3 C3 Armored turn to stone,
Euryale Q3 C3 Flying, Long move, Turn to stone.
12xCO Early tower shield javelin Q4 C2 Greedy, Shooter (short) @15
8xCO seapeoples warband Q4, C3, Armored, Dashing @ 33 1,008

Hermes has gone with a very strong Legends line-up backed by plenty of punch in the mortals.
Athena is weaker in the Legends but has the more numerable mortals.

At the start there was a real push for the centre, this allowed me to get Hermes into contact with Odysseus as a reaction then smite him with fast flying Euryale.

Meanstwhile Athena and a hero moved in on the other 2 Gorgons that cost me Medusa. This combat got “squeezed out” due to the oncoming press of mortals threatened all.

The hero moved to threaten my left flank until I took both out with the same Hermes & Euryale combination.

My luck ran out and I got 4 moves with no movement with my mortals, which wrecked my plan of using a mortal plus legend or god combination to take on and weaken Athena's mortals. I did have some success on my right. On my centre left Tony's skirmishers punched above their weight. In the middle my sea peoples failed to advance and got picked on!

The one advantage I had was that the lack of legends forced Athena to commit her tactical reserve that had been invoking. So I moved Hermes in, with the intention of getting Euryale there ASAP. Unfortunately Athena managed to kill Hermes at first go.

Athena may have won, but losing all 3 legends, 5 spear and 4 javelin pushes her to the bottom of the table. So we go from the meatgrinder to the catfight!