Friday, 23 September 2016

OGAM Olympus a quick Epilogue - round 2!?

Just a quickie Epilogue.

I note that our Olympic games series attracted 50 odd followers. To you, I say thank you and please consider either joining the site as a follower and/or the facebook Of Gods And Men page.

This series saw me through a particularly nasty time and provided the dose of fun and escapism required.

I'm going to keep this one on the boil. So much so I'm going to consider a couple of extra gods from the minor league.

First of Hephaistos. Cheapest of all the gods. Worthy, though of some first class Legends. By an amazing coincidence here's a couple from Splintered light via Hollywood. Perseus used his kit (as did Achilles) so he's a good candidate.

For mortals there's his Automata and I'd suggest some well armed and armoured spearmen.

Cyprian Aphrodite. Has some interesting characteristics. Now lets consider her Legends. Strip away the Minotaur from Dionysus (add in a cyclops with rock- I have 2 thanks to Splintered Light again), add Theseus and another standard hero. As for mortals, its got to be lots and lots of young chaps with their bits out!

I'm also considering giving Artemis a Chimaera . this time, I had one but it got evolved into a Kirin.  I can just get away with the 1/3 rule.   Plus a wolf pack to reduce her human interaction to the minimum.

Comments and creative critisism are very welcome! I hope some of you are going to have a go!

Not quite finished new heroes.  The Minotaur will be a dismounted Hero in front of one, after all he was royalty!  The bases may look big, but a bit of research and this is the best size for my left hand to pick up.  I may trim back before I flock.  As with any problem, painting these was achieved by breaking them down into a series.  I should have painted the horses before mounting.  Lesson learnt.  I might even try adding reins.

 This is a part order from Museum Miniatures.  They may be decades old, but still do the business!