Friday, 16 September 2016

OGAM Olympus Finale - A Close Run Game

"When I yell NOW, surround them"

Dionysus vs Athena A Close Run Thing

The Prologue.
Here, dearest reader, we are poised precipitously for the final act. At time of writing there are 42 of you following this magestical missive. We have learned a lot on this journey and we hope that you have enjoyed our efforts. 

 Tony expresses a need for something Japanese to follow.

Athena Q2 C4 Prophesy, Protection, 248
Legends Odysseus Q2 C2 Stealth, Free disengage, 2 Chariot heroes, Q3 C3 Armored, Mounted @ 96
4x8 Early tower shield spear (CO) Q4 C2, Greedy @ 12.
8xOO Javelin Q4 C1 shooter short @ 11 1,006 (Athena should have lost a Javelin reducing her to 995, but I forgot - WTH)

Dionysus Q2 C3 Transfix, Drunkard, Confound 232
Legends Minotaur Q3 C3 Dashing Labyrinth @88, 
2x centaur heroes Q4 C4 dashing, both drunk,
8xOO Satyr, Q4 C2 Drunkard @ 15, 
8xOO Satyr archers, Q5 C3 Shooter medium Drunk @ 20,
4xOO Centaurs, Q4 C3 Drunkard, Long move, Dashing @ 35
4xOO Centaur archers Q5 C3 long move, Shooter long, Drunk @ 20, 996

I had Dionysus and won the initiative. Faced with such a strong force of mortals, I put mine in my centre, intending to use them in co-ordination with the centaur heroes to punch through. You roll for “drunk” after deployment. My entire left hand force was pissed-.

Tony starts by sending his chariot heroes into the fray against my archers. The first one is repulsed and the second one a draw. This allows Dionysus to move in and kill them.

Meanstwhile in the centre my centaurs crash into Tony's spear, with his javelins coming up fast. I'm sent back and do an impressive wheel around my spear into the javelins. My centaur archers just sit there-. Faced with Athena (and remembering Pan) I send first the Minotaur then one, and the other centaur hero. All the ladies like a hard centaur and Athena is no exception, turning all mine into prime rib. But not before one kills Odysseus on the way through (going to be a 3 next time).

I got some revenge on Tony's spear but my mine suffered. My archers did a fighting withdrawl, surviving because Athena needed the troops invoking.

I hide Dionysus amongst my centaur archers, who give Athena a mighty wollop* from shooting, pushing her back. So close!

So to the final act. Athena sees she has the upper hand. She could stay back, leave it to the mortals to grind down or drive off the remaining forces or go in for the kill. It's been a long game, so the latter. Now Athena had the advantage, better fighter, forces left to pray. Even a tie, leading to Awe struck forces would be to her advantage. In she goes. I pull back my centaurs to add punch. Back and fore, the fight goes on. No stalemate, no 3 to kill. I even have to make a “shuttle corridor”. Then finally the decisive roll. And it's Athena's proud head in the dust!

Could we have foreseen the result? Never, Tony's money was on Athena, mine on Pan.

*An Achaean Wollop is about half a ton in real money.

"I'm calling my agent as soon as we get out of here!"