Tuesday, 6 September 2016

OGAM Olympus 4 Athena vs Artemis Catfight et Extremis

Dearest reader, harken to my missive. This campaign has taught us that though we thought we new these rules, had used most of these gods, there are still surprises to be had and lessons learned. 

 Memories of WRG games where you had a good chance of predicting the result, this is why we play these rules.

So, onto Athena vs Artemis. Tony took Artemis (having just “done” Athena) and won the initiative. He placed the cattle first which allowed me to face them with my javelin. This led to a grinding match until the last poor sod got trampled.

I set up in a staid line using them as an anchor. Tony used an inverted V. The first crunch came when the hydra advanced. 

I sent in Odysseus and a hero, who the hydra chomps, Odysseus goes down to Tony's hero. Up stalks Athena and smites the hydra.  Tony's hero decides to relocate. Athena doesn't like that and smites him down from behind. The Nemean lion has a tussle and takes out the other hero only to be hunted by Athene in turn.
"Don't You DARE touch my pussy!"
With the legends culled, now came the withering. Tony risked using his javelins to invoke, and Artemis tried both multiple and “mega” shots on Athena to no avail. Both turned on the mortals like farmers on the field of corn.

Such it was that many were reduced to single souls. Only my right hand spear (which had refused to move and been given over to invoking) was left fairly intact. This I used to scatter the cattle and the javelin.

Now the goddesses come together, a draw awing many of the survivors (marked with a red dice for convenience) Now here's the rub, any one survivor moving into contact with his patroness could tip the balance. (Both were 4's, no one left invoking, an extra +1) But it wasn't to be, the next clash proved fatal to Artemis. Never had we such a close fought bloody game. As is often the case the Gods of OGAM favour the bigger battalions.

Note use of cornish pasties as strategic reserves.  Proper job.

Red dice = Awed

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