Tuesday, 30 August 2016

OGAM Olympic Games Rounds 1&2 Hard Centaurs and Dominant Virgin

Game 1. Pan vs Dionysus. Well you see, we thought this was going to be the long one-.
Always give a drunken centaur a Cunning Plan!”

A quick word on figures. The satyrs, centaurs & cyclops are all from the excellent Splintered Light ranges. I bought army packs and still had a few left! I interchanged smaller cyclops & satyrs for ease.

Pan Q2 C4 Forester, Transfix, Tremble before my might
Legends Herakles Q3 C4 Group fighter, Hammering blow, Cyclops Q3 C3 Huge, Shooter medium Chiron Q3 C3 Long move, Dashing @ 35
8xOO Cyclops Q4 C2 sober @ 15, 8xOO Cyclops missile Q4 C2 Shooter medium Drunk @ 20,
4xOO Centaurs Q4 C3 sober, long move, dashing @ 35 1004

Dionysus Q3 C4 Transfix, Drunk, Confound 232
Legends Minotaur Q3 C3 Dashing Labyrinth @88, 2x centaur heroes, 1 drunk, Q4 C4 one sober Q3 C3 dashing, drunkard,
8xOO Satyr, Q4 C2 sober @ 15, 8xOO Satyr archers, Q5 C3 Shooter medium Drunk @ 20,
4xOO Centaurs, Q4 C3 Drunkard, Long move, Dashing @ 35
4xOO Centaur archers Q4 C2 long move, Shooter long, Drunkard @ 20, 996

My expert prediction at the start. Dionysus again, a weaker Legend force but a host of mortals that will cover a lot of ground, looking to swamp any opponent.
Pan has the stronger but slower Legends force and a similar mortals contingent.
This game is going to cover a lot of ground and the initial setup will be critical.

The Game.
I had Pan and set up in a V, my left flank protected/pinned by my archers. Tony set Dionysus in a long line, denying his left flank, with one god as far from the other as possible.

I got the drop and moved forward, Tony's moving forward on reaction. On my right Pan, Chiron and my centaurs was faced by the drunk centaur legend and the satyr archers. I moved Chiron up away from the archers and towards Tony's centaurs. Pan tried to transfix the legend and failed. I managed to kill a satyr.

Mentioned in dispatches, the Cyclops. Got close enough to lob a rock at Dionysus and was ready to bash a few centaurs.

Now I don't know how you play, but we take note of the unit and play it accordingly. Tony's drunk centaur rolls first and got 3 passes (amazing-) He could slam into my centaurs (the sensible, sober choice) or go nuts and attack Pan. Which he did, with a +2 strike as he's dashing-. We're expecting him to “hulk smash” bounce off. He rolls a 6. Pan rolls a 1. One dead god. Game over. AND Dionysus goes to the top of the leader board as he lost exactly 1 mortal worth 15points

An empty "slot" shows a death,  red marker = drunk.

 So onto Game 2!

Ares vs Artemis.
Ares. Group fighter, Combat master, Hammering blow, 376
Legends Achilles Q3 C3 Dashing, Invulnerability @ 108, Hippolyte Q3 C3 Armored @ 80,
Chariot Hero Q3 C3 Armored, Mounted @ 96 *
8xMymidion (CO) Q4, C3, Armored, Dashing @ 33, 8xOO javelin, Q4 C1 shooter short @ 11 1,004

Artemis Forester, Shooter (Long), Shoot into melee, Legendary shooter, Good shot, Animal mastery
Legends Hydra, Q3 C4, Combat master, Armored, huge 116 Nemean lion Q3 C3 invulnerability, Chariot Hero, Q3 C3 Armored, Mounted @ 96
8xOO Stampeding cattle Q4 C1 Dashing, Animal, Long move, 8xCO/OO archers, Q4 C2 shooter medium @ 20, 5xOO javelin Q4 C1 shooter short @ 11 1,003.

My Prediction: Ares as you would expect has a very strong Legends force backed by a small, brute power mortals.
Artemis has a Legend force to equal Ares. All eyes will be on the impact the cattle can make. But the initial betting is on a strong head-to-head battle of these two hotheads.

The Game

I had Ares, formed up in a strong forward wedge. What else would Ares do?

First main bash, in what was looking like a legends mash-up, Achilles vs the Hydra. I'd expected this to be a push 'n shove match, but I quickly got the upper hand and ol' rubber necks was gone.

Artemis's Hero did an “end run” to get close to Ares, while mine plowed into Artemis's archers. 
I got shot, Artemis's bounced off and thought better of it-. Seeing Achilles vs the Nemean lion he decided this was the easier match and started for it. But Achilles got pushed back & the lion failed to follow up, allowing Achilles to follow Ares. The Myrmidons plowed into the archers who put up a very good defense. Artemis tried twice to shoot a Myrmidon, but missed!

Now the cattle are starting to move, threatening to swamp Ares force. Hippolyte, at a loose end has a bash at them, but bounces off. Ares and Achilles head for Artemis before they can be swamped. Rash Ares does not wait. A snap shot from Artemis misses (!) Clash! Mighty Ares is down.

Artemis lost 1 legend (Hydra) and 3 archers, which puts her no.2 on the leader board. You tell 'er, I'm not!