Friday, 6 November 2015

OGAM Gempei War Campaign suggestion

The OGAM Gempei Campaign.

I've gone back to a an old, tried and trusted method, originally used for (a very similar) Hordes Of The Things and 1905 Aeronef China.

There are 6 different districts, each with suggestions for Legends and Mortals. The C score is based on 2+no. Allies, so will change during game.This is an "offensive bonus", each side will have a "standing" 900points force. The idea is to create games with ease. One side will become the Shogun, but if we get that far I'll be surprised!

Now to Ganesha it. As there are only 2 of us, we dice for which side we are playing with. So we are “doing the gods” rather than sticking with one side. Rolling for initiative, the first player rolls for actions as per normal.

Making an Ally is Q roll with as many action points as desired, the “recipient” makes same, if equal or more passes, then allied. If recipient fails all 3, then it's war.

Using an Ally. Moving a force to your ally, you can later send a joint invasion force under the allies God, mixing legends and Mortals.

Making War, the player can move an army no. activations towards target. Can halt in allied territory. One action is required to attack, if 2 actions available, then a single D6+C score roll each defines the winner, if the aggressor fails, they lose 1C, and must use remaining action to retreat. If win, can attack C score is 100p available for offensive actions. If victim fails, loses 1C instantly.

The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy.

Reactions. Any failed activations are taken by a random dice roll. If own number, can now be rerolled.

Unlike the normal 3 linked games OGAM campaign, this one is a "keeper" that can be dusted off at need.  For instance, a force may "unexpectedly" gain new troops (look! An excuse to buy!) and go on the offensive.

God Legends Mortals Q C
1 Shogun Fortress Sacred city Amaterasu Human Samurai 3 4

River crossing


2 Yamabushi Mountain pass Monastery Raijin Dragon, Monks 4 2

Mountain pass

Human Mountain Samurai

3 The Mountain Mountain pass Open Izanami Shinto Samurai Cav 4 3

Mountain pass

Fox, Shugenja Archers

4 Bushiyama Mountain pass Monastery Fujin Kirin, Monks 4 2

Mountain pass

Tengu Mountain Samurai

5 Land of the Seven Heroes River crossing Fortress Hachiman Human Samurai 4 3


Followers, Peasants

6 The Lost land River crossing Marsh Ryujin Dragon, Oni Goblins 4 2

Marsh road

Non-humans Shark men, Bandits

1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Shogun X Truce Ally Truce Ally

2 Yamabushi Truce X Truce Enemy
3 The Mountain Ally Truce X Truce
4 Bushiyama Truce Enemy Truce X
5 Land of the Seven Heroes Ally


6 The Lost land
Enemy Enemy Enemy