Sunday, 15 November 2015

HTS 2nd Trials PAU vs UNLI & PAU vs Daleks

Buying the Farm.

The SAW proves the interaction between the
connected and the unconnected.

The Terrain. I wanted a more rural landscape with cover. I didn't want the added level of building interiors so opted for ruins.

The PAU vs UNLI. I hadn't expected the PAU to win over the Southpaws.

I took a huge risk in using the Rover to drop off an HMG team to cover the road before turning into the farm and dropping off the second team and the officer. I even managed to get my infantry in good positions. For once the dice were with me!

Tony did a cautious advance , keeping his sniper to his extreme right. He separated both SAWs. One kept watch on my troop in the field while the team advanced across my front.

My Rover gunner spotted the movement followed by a burst of fire, as did my rear HMG all to no effect. I advanced my left squad to the hedge where they came under effective SAW fire.

By now Tony's team was opposite my other unit, so he bravely brought his other team onto the road to take my flanking force in the flank. Their effective fire destroyed this unit.

My Rover was moving to cover my advance when Tony's SAW opened up, hitting it and me getting a 1 on armour, brewed it up. This also had the effect of blocking my other HMG line of site. My other HMG could now shoot at the enemy on the road, proving ineffective but driving them into the field.

As I was bedded in like a Slimurian weevle Tony tried a direct assault (as we hadn't done that yet) I did quite well, for 2 rounds we had equal casualties, both losing our officers. The SAW and HMG had an ineffective duel, but it did allow me to bring a couple around the rear, but I lost one to the sniper, but the other one took out the SAW.

That gave me a very Pyrrhic victory of sorts. If Tony's assault had pushed me back (which would have been the difference of 1 on any of 4 dice) he could have shot me to pieces. He could have played a more cautious game using his sniper to reduce my HMG's.

On the whole the rules worked well. The leaders had much less effect on both static and high quality troops. The UN had few fails (even though his rolling was much worse than mine, for once) for me to convert into reactions. As I played a fairly static game the reverse was true.

Pan African Union Militia Q5 A 7 Medium 88
BURST Models firing bursts may roll two shooting dice at -2 inste­ad of a single shooting die. Any die roll of 1 or 2 means that the gun must be reloaded.
ASSAULT The weapon hits at +1 in a turn in which the user moves to contact an opponent into hand-to-hand.

Squad LMG BURST. PUNISHER, Medium If shooting hits, re-roll two dice at Q6 others within 1xShort. If survive knocked down (pro­ne).


Sergeant, Leadership 1 103
Officer Leadership 2 111

Rover Q5 A6 Long 111
HMG as above,

Truck Q5 A6 Long 74

Truck with 12 Troopers, 2 LMG & Sergeant 1,433
Rover with Officer & 2 HMG team 384
Total 1817

UNLI Q5 A6 Medium 150
a hand picked human soldier with decent armour and an effective rifle.
Camouflage suit, Danger sense
Difficult target -1 shoot against
STEADFAST +2 on morale rolls.
BUSHWACKER movement not reduced by rough terrain. +1 Q for dangerous terrain.
FAST REFLEXES The model has +1 when performing reaction rolls.
FIGHTER +1 to melee Quality rolls. against him are at -1
PISTOL One-handed.
RIFLE. PUNISHER If shooting hits, re-roll two dice at Q6 others within 1xShort. If survive knocked down (pro­ne).
Sergeant 170 Officer 180

BURST two shooting dice at -2 roll of 1 or 2 needs reloading.
DEVASTATING A hit causes two point of damage.
CONCUSSIVE hit causes flinches and knocked down (prone)

UNLI Sniper, Sniper rifle, 224

Boat 3 Troopers, Officer, Saw. 3 Troopers, Sergeant, Saw, Sniper 1796

Early Dalek Q4 A4 Medium Antigravity belt 253
a powered armour killing machine with limited lift ability.
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE “electrical” +1 against. Immune to poison, gases, drowning and vacuum.
LEAP 1xLong leap per turn. If contacts, free action melee attack +1.
Danger sense
UNFLINCHING Never flinch. Immune to effects of suppression fire.
DEVASTATING Two point of damage per hit.
ELECTRIC robots and vehicles +1.
PENETRATING Armour rolls -1.

Dalek Task 7 Daleks at 253 = 1,771

Daleks vs PAU

I think I made a big mistake in keeping the Daleks as individuals. If I had had 2 units of 3 and a leader, would it have speeded up their advance?

I set up almost as before, but with my HMG's and officer on the hill and the Rover tucked in safe.

As soon as the Daleks came within effective HMG range I started killing them. One did get through to the hilltop but lost a close-in shooting match. 3 HMG's killed 4 Daleks.

Yes, Tony could have filtered them through the rough, but that's not the Dalek way.

So I've either got the HMG/SAWS and/or the Daleks very wrong.

Thus ends our rather frustrating stab at the rules.
I can see that they can be quick once you get used to the add-ons.
You can tell if a roll is a success and work through it.
Larger units than Flying Lead can be handled as easy as small.
Leaders can have an effect, but are not the driving force as in other rules.
Vehicles need a lot more work, more specific rules and add-ons.
Weapon ranges are a lot longer than in Flying Lead, so cover is essential, particularly with smaller units.
One tip from the other Beta versions, you measure shooting from centre to centre of units.
The rules may provide an interesting compromise between the survivability of the larger unit and the flexibility of the smaller.

I would suggest you need extra coloured dice to identify support weapons shooting with a squad and any others that may have different effects.

You also need a ruler showing 2x ranges for shooting.

Game 4

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