Monday, 30 November 2015

Ogam Gempei campaign, game 1

By the purest of coincidence the first game allowed me to use/show off some toys new and old.

The Mountain
Izananami Q2 C4 Culling the weak, confound, tremble before my might, sacrifice 280

Shugenja, Q3 C1, transfix, 50
Nure-Onna, 2 snake bodied women, Q3, C3, Amphibious, Huge 144
(these are 25mm Naga from Dixon miniatures.)

Samurai Q4, C2 Armoured, Steadfast, Mounted, Long, Shooter L, good shot 4 x 47 =188
Followers Q4 C2 Armoured Shooter M 8 x 25 = 200
Followers Q4 C2 Armoured 8 x 20 160

God 280
Legends 194
Mortals 548
Total 1,022

The Lost Land
Ryujin The Dragon king Q2 C5 Amphibious Gargantuan, Shapeshift water god, weather control, armoured, flying, part water 396

Jorogumo spider women Q3, C2, Labyrinth 2 120
Giant Spider Q3 C3 Big, Poison 70

Q4, C2, 15, Animal -2, Greedy (stopping to wrap prey in web) -3 Labyrinth (web) +10 = 20 x 8 160
Bandits Q4 C2 8x15 120
Warriors, Q4, C2, Armoured 8x 20 160

God 396
Legends 190
Mortals 440
Total 1,026

The game

I wanted a simple table. Looking at the choices the most obvious target was the river crossing. Not my normal terrain, this was quickly assembled from bits to hand.

Tony took the Mountain and went, for him, quite adventurous, putting his cavalry on the bridge and the snake ladies (henceforth naga, very female orientated game this) in the water.

He won the initiative (6:1) and sent his cavalry into my warriors. I gained one activation and moved the spiders (from now on known as “the boys”) up on the bridge. Tony advanced his Shugenja, very sensible, transfixing them would allow him to cut them to pieces. His cavalry failed, and were seen off, pushed back to the ford. I started a general spider-advance. His Naga went down to my spider. This part of the battle stopped for a quick tea ceremony. The boys crash over his Shugenja and are met by his Followers, in a squabble that lasted the whole game. Although they did take time out to knock my spiderlady down twice, which I found not very chivalrous.

We had both expected my left to be the main source of action, but this proved wrong. Up came the naga into spiderladies labyrinth range. I sent in Ryujin who won. I then used the “part waves” ability and marched the bandits and spiderlady across.

This put Tony in a pickle, everything was being shoved into his right flank. Time to send in Izananami.

There developed a dodging game between his archers and my bandits, who proved very slippery targets. Then Izananami confounds them out of the way, nearly in the river. The inevitable god-to-god fight and the lady goes down. Remember the cavalry? They quickly invoke her back (well there is this rather big dragon-)   Turning and advancing at warp speed over the ford and into my rear. Seizing the opportunity of a couple of reactions, they pursue and shoot my poor spiderlady in her fundamental.

Meanstwhile, my god goes snap again and that's her gone and out.

Tony start

Me start