Sunday, 19 November 2017

OAAH Beta On Mars - going Large

Mars has to be done. As you've seen I've already played with this, so it's a lazy follow-on game making sure I use everything, as you can see.

I'm very happy with the way the rules work.  Now I have the rules Mars and all things VSFwill abound and be afoot!

I think there needs to be a vehicle stat like the airship one, that could cope with Hussite war-wagons, Leonardo's Turtles and my British contraptions.

Plus, I've spent a bit of money:

I'd bought some more Ral Partha zombie 2 handed weapons some time ago, so finished those.

Peter Pig's small Martians range and a selection of naval types.

Black Hat.  I could've spent a fortune but I got a useful selection.

Old Glory Indians mixed in with Irregular Miniatures.  Not fully painted, but I wanted to bump up the points!

Fokker Gadfly.  A hybrid Human/Martian flyer.  This has a generic PP (Peter Pig) body, crew, including the wheel.  I like his take on an intregal flight stand.  The vehicle is well balanced, good fit and gluing a figure on top makes for a strong joint.

The gatling, propellers and prop supports (chimneys) are from Black Hat's vehicle pack, a real nice selection of bits.

Plus it's all repeatable.  I'm considering adding a short mast & rigging.

Figure comparisons.  Peter Pigs figures are (true 15mm) smaller than the other ranges used here:  2 PP Black Hat (BH) Martian and an Old Glory colonial.  I have mixed them in and they look like the teenagers who make up a high % of any army.  Mixing them in the BH Martian flyers works quite well and gives a great look.

A couple more PP bits I didn't get done in time.  Destroyed ACW cannon and western wagons.

Now this, my gossips, is a nice bit of serendipity. Both types of royalty.  To me looks like mum, dad & 2 teenagers.  Perfect.

I like the BH Martian artillery, so I made up these bases with European Naval, zombie and City Martian crew.  Planning to sandbag the European one(s).  Probably do 3 of each, get another 3 guns.

Royal Engineers
Tankette contraption Q4 A3 D8 Artillery L3,Tough, 3 extra lives 2@ 84 = 168
Charabang Q4 A2 D8,Tough, @ 31 carrying:
Infantry Q4 A2 D4, Shoot3, Drilled 8 x 16 = 128 making a total of 159. 
Torchwood 3 2 5 Tough, Shoot1, Advnturers 6 x 27
Fokker Gadfly 3 2 5 Airboat, Artillery3, Fast, Difficult target.

Shooters 4 2 4 Shoot2, 48 x14 = 672
Swords 4 3 4 Tough 28x16 = 448
Artillery 4 2 5 Artillery5, Slow, Flame projectiles @  40
Scout Flyer 3 2 6 Airship, Grenades, Fast, Difficult Target
Skip 3 4 6 Airship, Artillery3, Grenades.

General 3 4 5 L4 Tough, 3lives @ 100
Bodyguard 3 4 5 Tough, 5 @25= 125

Zombie & Maiden Shooters 4 3 5 Shoot2, Drilled, 20x20 = 400

Zombie Armoured 2hand weapon 4 4 5 Nonreactive 48x11= 528
Zombie horde 5 2 4 Nonreactive horde 24 x 4 =96

Green Martians.
Infantry Giant Level 2 Q4 A4 D6 Shoot2, Resilient, Ambusher 8x 37 =298

Cavalry Giant Level 4 (Includes big mount) Shoot1, Tough, Ambusher 6x 48 = 288
Leader addsSub General.
Total 1,894

.The Game.

Tony is a joy to play against.  He looks at the table, the unit then does what the leader would do.  In this case a Green Martian leader.  Is he going to go careful?  No, he's going to go full tilt at the enemy trusting his tribe to follow on behind.

Rashly the Green Martian leader goes forward, followed by the cavarly

Their target, my general and artillery

The flyers start harrasing the Green infantry, but these can shoot back!

Going large n 'ard.  Love it!

Cavalry crash in and through the tribal infantry

General makes tactical recoil, tribals are moving, but slowly.  Cannon fails to shoot- which seals its fate.

There's often a roll on which a game swings.  My general has used a reaction to retire.  The cannon's gone down but reduced the Green Martians lives.  If the tribal shooters can get in, shoot and attack he'll be a gonner.  But no, 3 fails even with the general (+1) so close.  That's one reaction and handover to Tony.

The Greens cavalry leap upon the British firing line, but are cut down!  The Brits suffer 2 to shooting.

One general chases another.  A brief struggle and, with the Green already weakened, both go down.

British Colonel, now in charge.

But Wait!  There's More happening!  Flyers are sent in to hold back the nasties from exploiting their advantage.

The skip heads towards the polearm armed zombies, who cannot shoot back.

Only to be intercepted by the Guards who pile on the Radium.

Meanstwhile the Gadfly does similar, gatling flaming.

Then this pluckly little Fokker is engaged in a brutal shoot-out with the Guards.

With losses due to morale collapse upon death of the general and destruction of the flyers, things look bad for the Anglo-Martians.

A final strong punch aimed at the general (skull raised).  Fails.

I rolled well but the Tough re-roll saved them.

The blocking force does its job.

So that's it!  Worked like a charm, a bit of discipline meant we finished the game.  I have my rules for Mars!

Torchwood (the objective)  British Colonel, infantry and transport, all survivors of last week.