Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Flying Lead A Martian Adventure

Welcome to Mars. This is the Mars of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Space 1899. This is a prelude to the Shape of Things to Come.

I've had an idea in my head for a few years for a mixed RPG and tabletop campaign. Imagine, if you will, one of the great roads and on that road a police station manned by a mixed Martian and British force. If Brigade brings out their offered small-scale Martian scenery I shall be tempted to start. All the figures used here come from 3 packs from http://www.blackhat.co.uk/product-category/18mm-miniatures/18mm-miniatures-martian-empires/
With one exception, the scout is one of Irregular Miniatures Mohicans http://irregularminiatures.co.uk/products.php?cat=15mm&sub=French,Indian%20Wars%20and%20American%20War%20of%20Independence&pid=13&subid=163&page=2&page=3&page=4&page=1
The flyer is a quick scratch build from an old style ball-mouse. I deny any involvement of 'er in doors favorite scarf.

The plot so far – fanatics have captured the Princess Imra baebe. They made their way across the Batruk Paa, “the land where no-one sensible goes” and were waylaid by 2 fearsome Glitchservers who scared off and ate most of their animals.

Fortunately they found a cave and made a stand.

In the meanstwhile, back at the castle, Prince Umpa has realised that his beloved sister is missing and gathering up a scratch force has sped to her rescue on a sled.

Can the Prince save the day, or will the dastardly Ivo Bigeego get away and ravish the fair Princess!


Points 53 Quality 5+ Combat 5
Special Rules Armoured, Long Move, Off-Road, Vehicle

Ivo Bigeego

Points 74 Quality 3+ Combat 2
Special Rules -Pistol, Hatred, Leader, Stealth

Princess Imra baebe

Points 39 Quality 4+ Combat 2
Special Rules Acrobat, Born Driver, Medic (professional)

Points 44 Quality 4+ Combat 3
Special Rules Jungle-craft, Running Blow, Stealth

Fanatic with Sword J - Personality
Points 54 Quality 4+ Combat 2
Special Rules Acrobat, Combat Fiend, Dashing

Follower with sword
Points 15 Quality 4+ Combat 2
Special Rules CQB Specialist, Mook/Extra/Cannon Fodder

Fanatic with radium rifle C - Personality
Points 44 Quality 4+ Combat 2
Special Rules -Single Chambered Rifle, Crack Shot/Marksmarksman

Follower with radium rifle
Points 35 Quality 4+ Combat 2
Special Rules -Single Chambered Rifle, Mook/Extra/Cannon Fodder

The Bad guys Ivo Bigeego 74, Tracker 44, Fanatics 98, 5 Sword followers 75,
4 Rifle followers 140 Total 431

Prince Umpa of Allumpa
Points 130 Quality 3+ Combat 3
Special Rules Combat Fiend, Hero, Leader

Royal Companion
Points 70 Quality 3+ Combat 3
Special Rules Combat Fiend

Rifle Guards
Points 58
Quality 3+ Combat 3
Special Rules -Single Chambered Rifle, Poor Shot

Martian Flyer
Points 62 Quality 4+ Combat 2
Special Rules Armoured, Long Move, Off-Road, Personnel Carrier 9 passengers, Vehicle

Prince Umpa's party on the Flyer
Flyer 62
The prince 130
2 Sword companions 140
2 Radium Rifle Guards 116
Total 448

The game

I could have lifted the whole game “out” onto a floor tile for all the room it took. Not that's a bad thing. I tried something a little different, and it gave a nice “Valley of the Gwangi” effect. The Glitchservers attempted to use both sides failed activations, making them very unpredictable but not overpowering.
The bad guys have made it to the box canyon, being pursued by the Glitchservers. They make a (mook) firing line supported by (mook) swords while their leaders look for a way out. The princess was held in the cave while Ivo Bigeego and the tracker checked out the abandoned Green Martian nest.

Unfortunately that put them in view of the avengers, who land and start leaping into action.
The riflemen start trying to isolate the princess and the prince engages and kills the tracker. Meanwhile there's a bloody encounter with the lead Glitchserver, but a volley brings it down and 3 swordsmen dash in to kill it.

The rescuers push ahead, but the fanatic rifleman takes repeated shots at the prince, first driving him back then killing him.

His death causes a general retreat with the riflemen getting on the raft first. Realising that this is their ticket out of here, and that the remaining Glitchserver is getting just a bit close, the fanatic keeps shooting at whoever tries to man the controls, killing one.

With the enemy snapping at his heels, the last survivor leaps to the controls and the raft is free. The rescue failed, but the kidnappers have lost heavily and may not escape so easy-.

This was a good, fast game that captured the spirit of the books. Watch this space for further adventures on Mars!