Sunday, 6 December 2015

Flying Lead Imperial Daleks vs UNHI

This video, shown via TMP and the facebook 15mm SF site got me thinking it's time to actually FINISH some of the specialist urban units I've been working on sooooo slowly.

How do you design your urban units, or do you avoid?

Please note I say specialist. Police units are trained and work in this terrain as the norm as featured in our first Dominar game of

Modus Operandi will be different for each force and will be reflected in their TOE.

How many of you have Heinlin's Starship Troopers in your book collection. Silly question. Now his troopers moving randomly through the Skinny city, spreading mini-nukes fire and mayhem is the classic scene, but has it ever been properly gamed? Most of us who do larger than 6mm tend to steer off tactical nukes. Embrace the Y rack my brethren!

As I see it urban warfare is close, so close but without concepts like flank and rear. Stalingrad.
I imagine a circle moving over the terrain like a vacuum cleaner.
A cone, it's tip the assaulting blowtorch.
A cone, it's open top advancing and absorbing the enemy.

Circle or Swarm. These are my Daleks, most units airmobile, advancing over any resistance. When they clash its more like 2 galaxies colliding and interposing. I've already covered these and will update once Harder Than Steel is out. Police forces usually employ a swarm response in depth.

Cone. Kzin. Heroic aspirations leads to tactical inflexibility, with most Kzin going full-pelt at the enemy.

Cone Inverted (like a searchlight). United Nations Heavy Infantry. Defence in depth based on small, specialist teams backed up by the heavy punch of the super heavies.

Corporate Japanese.
At the thin end an IFV with tank-killer gun and missiles.
Next comes a specialist infantry unit with snipers, spotters and robotic units all missile-heavy.
Leading the force is the larger missile carriers or robotic units, each supported by integral seek and destroy robotic units.

Daleks, oh my.
B Squad, note my use of letter beads

Imperial loyal Assault Army Rebel Suppression and Extermination (AARSE) unit.

Such units are usually up to strength but suffer from lack of veterans and specialists. Attached heavy weapons tend to be hatchlings or Uber Daleks.

2 Sections of 5 drones Q4, C3, body armour, eager 36+9=45 x 8 = 360 plus
Black Dome Daleks Q3, C3, bodyarmour, leader, specialist, 80 + 9 x 2 =178
Uber Heavy Weapons Dalek basic model.
vehicle Q4, C4, armoured, gyro stabilised, “off road vehicle” 80+29=109
Total 647

Standard energy weapon uses a laser carrier beam to deliver a lethal or stunning electromagnetic static pulse that causes disruption to nerves and electronics. This comes in two sizes, a small short range pistol and a larger top-mounted rifle. Some Guard units are equipped with two of the pistol size weapons to facilitate move-and-shoot without overheating.

I used Head- Rifle 9 points, lethal vs soft targets, range max 3 medium.
I would now add Combat +3 & Spread +18 = 27

Heavy Weapons standard weapon anti-personnel Gatling version
FL 29, AP, autofire, lethal vs soft targets, long range, spread
I would now add Combat +3 Spread +18 = 47

Dalek Infiltration Response Team (DIRT)
team Leader 123, 2 Rifles 186, Laser 82 Total 391
UNSHI Trooper 155
UNSHI Gatling 144
Total 690

UNHI Trooper
Points 60 Quality 3+ Combat 3
Special Rules Body Armour, Elite, Personal Communication Device, Steady Under Fire

UNHI Rifle
Armour Piercing, Auto Fire, Combat +3 Move & Shoot, Range: Long, Select Fire, Spread, Stable

UNHI Officer - Personality
Points 90 Quality 3+ Combat 3
Special Rules Body Armor, Elite, Leader, Personal Communication Device, Steady Under Fire

UNHI Squad laser - Personality
Points 66 Quality 3+ Combat 3
Special Rules Body Armour, Crack Shot/Marksman, Elite, Personal Communication Device, Steady Under Fire

UNHI Laser Rifle
Armour Piercing, Move & Shoot, Range: Long, Silent, Sniper Scope, Stable

UNHI Squad mini missile - Personality
Points 134 Quality 3+ Combat 3
Special Rules -RPG, Body Armor, Crack Shot/Marksman, Elite, Personal Communication Device, Steady Under Fire

UNHI Power Armour
Points 110 Quality 3+ Combat 4
Special Rules Armoured +3 (Medium), Long Move, Vehicle

UNSHI Flamer
Armour Piercing, Combat +2, Flamethrower Pack, Move & Shoot, Range: Long

UNSHI Gatling
Armour Piercing, Combat (+2), +4 High Tech Ammo, Move & Shoot, Range: Long, Spread, Stable

UNSHI Mini Missile
Anti-Tank 4, Armour Piercing, Grenade Combat 3, Move & Shoot, Range: Long, Sniper Scope, Stable

The Game. 

 This was a very small table (2x A3 foamcore) although double the size of the one we used to use in 'er in doors shop, but it served quite well.

I used about every piece of SNAPX I had to make it. Starting with a central road, I added interesting shapes randomly assembled to make a stable whole in case of accident. My modus operandi was that I wanted something quick n easy to assemble/disassemble and to represent a blasted wreck/warehouse or street.

The road was a bad idea, not user friendly. I'd used this stuff for walls before.

I made some mistakes in the costing and composition of weapons, leaving them understrength. I've corrected these marked in black italics above.

Quite a simple encounter game. Yes I know, but it's better than not-gaming!

Looking at the stats there's not a lot between them. But the telling thing is using reactions. I gave Tony several, all of which he could use. I got a few, but failed most of them.

We both advanced cautiously down the centre road. Tony's UN much quicker than my Daleks.

I still managed to get my HW in range first, but only managed to knock a couple of troopers back. I got shot in return and retreated to cover.

Now I advanced to within extermination range and the HW “stepped out! To engage, but in doing so got targeted by the sniper who killed it.

There followed some general shooting and knocking-back until the sniper took out a squad leader and another Dalek.

I managed to lay fire on both SH, but to no avail. The flamer did quite well, killing 2 (a flamethrower shoots all in its range if lined up). The gatling less so, but it did spread me about.

All this allowed the sniper to hover up to the roof, take a position and take out my other leader. Daleks with morale problems. Game over!

This game pushes the rules to the limit. There is no rules for grav belts or similar, but as everyone had one bar the Uber Dalek, this “cancelled out”.

You will see bigger fights come the glorious Harder Than Steel next year, Ganesha willing.

Sneaky sniper

Daleks Advance!

Uber Dalek in cover, not a common sight

HW ready to pounce

Sniper hovers