Monday, 13 July 2015

OGAM Japanese gods - using Dixon's 25mm Oriental Fantasy range.

Oh my Droogs.  Life conspires!  Bereft of dice-rolling opportunity I have to tackle my obsession with plotting, scheming and formulating by tackling some of the articles I've started but not actually finished.

This isn't one of them. No! But! No- listen.  I hope you're enjoying our current Pan vs Ares campaign?  I want to plan the next one based in Medieval Japan and make it historically based.  But I need more gods!  I'm on the lookout for a huge dragon-.

I'd tried researching "Japanese Gods" and got nowhere fast.  Then, bored, I cut and pasted the tittle from the Japanese list PDF.  This is what I got-

Fujin, God of the wind,+God+of+the+Wind&tbm=isch&gws_rd=ssl

Fujin features the bag-of-wind as does his Greek counterpart. No great skill to add this in place of a weapon as most come with weapon choice.  this is my choice from my collection, sorry not the best picture.

Raijin, God of Thunder and Japanese Heavy Metal,+God+of+Thunder&tbm=isch&gws_rd=ssl

Some of the pictures show him with a double tetsubo, but I think I'll go more "Thor" with double hammers. Does look a bit like our Gene

Susanoo, God of storms and the sea,+God+of+Storms+and+the+Sea&tbm=isch&gws_rd=ssl

Again with the hammering blow.  So I think this one:

The rest were unsatisfactory searches.  For the rest I would suggest either normal or larger scale humans.  Splintered Light's Chinese pack will also yield some useful types:

For the three above, can I suggest this range:

I first bought these in the 80's, way back in my 25mm days and the RPG game Bushido.  I bought this lot a few years ago when Ganesha were going to bring out a Japanese set.  As per standard they got a quick coat and a bit more!

This one is a good fit with the Oni, a choice for Dai Oni

This armoured beasti is my favourite, I intend to use as the Dai Oni with Splintered Light's armoured hobgoblins as his not-Samurai.

Same chaps, different weapon

Same chap, different weapon - would make good wind-god as the bag would fit bagpipe like under his arm.