Friday, 3 July 2015

OGAM campaign, Pan vs Ares.

Initial deployment, Pan top, Ares bottom.
When your pushed for time, a mini campaign is well worth having on the shelf, ready to go. This one started as an idea after our Hell game, prompting a revisit to some of our earlier attempts.

The rules suggest going from one scenario to another. I've revised that a bit, the winner of a game is likely to “go towards where the other god lives”. This means that the attacker will be out of their “comfort zone” which should negate the extra winners bonus points.

Spring of Youth

Pan Wins

Ares Wins
Temple Under Siege

Sacred Grove
Sacred City


Ares 336
Legends Achilles 108, Hyppolyte 80, 3 chariot mounted armoured heroes @ 96 = 286
Mortals 3x8 Spearmen 24@ 20= 480, 4 archers @ 20 = 80, 4 Javelins @11 = 44
(1) God 336
(5) Legends 474*
(5) Mortals 604
Total 1,414

Pan 308
Legends Hydra 116, Nemean lion 100, Cyclops shooter 77, Chiron 84
Mortals 2x4 centaurs = 280, 4 centaur archers @ 30 = 120, 2x8 satyr, 16x15 = 240 4 satyr archers @20 = 80
(1) God 308
(4) Legends 377
(6) Mortals 720
Total 1,405

*As noted before, this sets the total for the game. 3X is 1,422 gives the maximum. Now we swap to Pan, whose force must be 50% specific mortals. So 711 on mortals, Pan is 308, giving about 400 to spend on legends. I'd planned for a maximum of 1500. All this took about 20 minutes on the back of the traditional envelope. As I've said before, the rules seem to forget about chariot born armoured heroes.  You can download the builder at the bottom of the page- unfortunately the results won't copy to here.

The First Game

I (chose) Pan, won the initiative and built up a strong force on my right flank of centaurs and legends. I sent the hydra into Tony's archers to smash through, engage and kill Ares.

Ares undone, but not out.

Having a fairly disciplined force, he lost no-one and soon regained the god in the centre.

We had a few short rounds and messy fights, a couple of clashes with the lion. Chiron, deep in enemy territory, polished off the archers and one spearman before getting sliced & diced by Ares. Achilles and the heroes took out my centaurs (90 vs 120) and pushed towards the centre. We made the mistake of setting Achilles and the lion on each other, bad move as we could have spent a day doing that one until someone rolled a 1 or got shoved off the table.

Pan wiped out a charioteer and Ares the hydra. I advanced the Cyclops into Tony's javelins who put up a better than expected fight, but died. Meanstwhile Hyppolyte put up a ding-dong battle with Pan, managing to push him back, even surviving a diced-up +9 attack only to be taken by a (the only thrown) rock from the Cyclops.


My position was now unwinable. To my rear a hero threatened my centaur archers. The centre saw a unit of 5 remaining satyrs facing Achilles and a unit of 7 spearmen. On my left the Tony's other hero was eyeing up my other satyr unit. Even if they did not win, I would soon have no troops left capable of invoking.

Thoroughly enjoyable, plenty of hard fought scraps. Virtually every turn saw a unit ground out. When you get to the big games, stick to big units. I thought the lion was the least enjoyable element and the centaurs too pricey, but that might be my anti-cavalry bias showing.

Game Two Prelude. AS Ares won, we move on to Sacred grove. This is going to be a game of interception and annihilation. Tony has decided to go down the numbers route with his extra 10% (140) by reducing his legends and increasing his light troops. This forces me to do similar.

Ares 336
Legends, Achilles 108,  4 armoured heroes @ 70 = 280
Mortals, 3x8 Spearmen 24@ 20= 480, 2x 4 archers @ 20 = 160, 2x 8 Javelins @11 = 176
(1) God 336
(5) Legends 388
(7) Mortals 816
Total 1,540

Pan 308
Legend, Herakules 116, 2 Heroes @ 60 = 120, 2x Cyclops shooter = 154
Mortals, 4x8 satyr 32 @15 = 480, 3x 4 satyr archers @20 = 240
(1) God 308
(5) Legends 390
Mortals 720
Total 1,418

Pirate campaign interlude.

Scene – the galley of a pirate ship, a young lad is bent over the washing up. A barrel of brackish water by his side and an older pirate pontificating in a hushed voice: “Don't ee do it young Jim, just do what ye needs to do – no more”. Both look at the barrel in a plot-significant way. “Baint* the way of The Brotherhood (dramatic pause) that what is not required - goes to a-soaking”.

*Baint. For the non English speakers “it is not”. For the rest, try reading aloud.

This is the foundry (as are the gods) an old  very poor quality casting.

As mentioned, this had been a unit of centaurs Achilles went through like a chain saw.  I need dead horses.

Chiron's moment of fame.

Paybacks a bitch.  Good armour, a rock in front of the groin!

Death of Ares from Pan's perspective

He's behind you!

Splintered light Satyrs have a good range of poses, I match spear & sword on one base, single based archers.  There are a few "technical advisors" in case of imperial troops or walkers.