Friday, 10 July 2015

Ogam campaign 2 Pan defends the Sacred Grove

Once there was a primate who decided he'd had enough of the whole tree thing and tried the plains. That worked for a while, then he found the seashore. That worked even better, there was fish and flotsam. But never satisfied, he again looked at the plain and then the forest. The forest looked back. Some went away, but some looked right back at it and entered with care. Thus was Pan born. One day that same primate will see an alien forest. It will look back at him. He will have the courage to go in. Such is the promise and the legacy of Pan

Game Two. AS Ares had won, we move on to Sacred grove (see first instalment, there will be a test). This, I predicted, was going to be a game of interception and annihilation. Tony had decided to go down the numbers route with his extra 10% (140) by reducing his legends and increasing his light troops. This forces me to do similar.

Ares 336
Legends Achilles 108, 4 armoured heroes @ 70 = 280
Mortals 3x8 Spearmen 24@ 20= 480, 2x 4 archers @ 20 = 160, 2x 8 Javelins @11 = 176
(1) God 336
(5) Legends 388
(7) Mortals 816
Total 1,540

Pan 308
Legends Herakules 116, 2 Heroes @ 60 = 120, 2x Cyclops shooter = 154
Mortals 4x8 satyr 32 @15 = 480, 3x 4 satyr archers @20 = 240,
(1) God 308
(5) Legends 390
Mortals 720
Total 1,418

Setup, as I am the defender, I set 5 forest bases around the sacred grove in a sort of pentagram effect.

I had a plan to have mutually supporting columns all going for the grove. Winning the dice I was able to put Pan on Tony's side of the grove. Because of his high numbers he had no choice but to get close. His plan was to have one strong armoured column supported by a lighter flanking force with Ares and Achilles.
Pan to left, Ares to right
Winning the dice, Pan started by Awe-ing all Ares heavies bar one hero. He went on to cheese one infantry unit.

Herakles took on another, but his heart was not in it. I moved a Cyclops up to block the other flank.

Going on the assault, Tony's heroes did very badly, one went down to Herakles and the other to the Cyclops. His javelins also had a go at the Cyclops.

I managed to get archers in support of the Cyclops, who continued to pelt the javelins with rocks. Now comes Achilles. His famous heel came into play. He rolled a 1. Having a big rock bounced of your head – something has to give. So passed Achilles.

Tony started a general surge forward – I'd tried to do the same but didn't get the dice, as usual. My archers melted and Ares took out Herakles. Those were my only casualties.

End game - note how many hadn't moved

Now came the rush for the grove. I got a Cyclops inside and rolled for a Satyr hero – 3 1's! Doh!

Tony got his last remaining hero into the grove, he was pushed back but other troops surged forward until he rolled 2 fails.

If it had been a normal game, if I could have kept him out – I'd inflicted great losses for little in return. Still, there's next time.

Game 3. Tony get another 10%. Rather than going for numbers he has upgraded a unit of spearmen to Amazons. All the great heroes are gone, so he has called upon a Gorgon and chariot mounted heroes. 1,540 + 10% winning bonus = 1,696

I get rid of my useless Satyr heroes and will try Centaurs as a foil for his Amazons, who all love hard centaurs.

Ares 336
Legends Euryale 120, 2 armoured heroes @ 140, 2 chariot mounted armoured heroes @ 96 = 192
Mortals 2x 8 Spearmen @ 20= 360, 2x 4 archers @ 20 = 160, 2x 8 Javelins @11 = 176, 1x8 Amazons @ 28 = 224
(1) God 336
(5) Legends 452
(7) Mortals 920
Total 1,708

Pan 308
Legend 3 Centaur heroes (mounted heroes) @ 86 = 258,  2x Cyclops shooter = 154
Mortals 4x8 satyr 32 @15 = 480, 3x 4 satyr archers 12 @20 = 240
(1) God 308
(5) Legends 412
Mortals 700
Total 1,440

'ee could 'ave someone's eye out with that!

The marker over the unit marker designates awed.

End of game

Tony's losses

My losses