Friday, 21 November 2014

New and Old GZG Japanese

Pictures say a thousand wosnames.  If you're looking you probably know what your looking at - so.

The old codes, do you remember when these were the bees knees, particularly the power armour?  Don't tell me what year, thank you.

The new codes are sharper and crisper, weapons better detailed and well, better.  The helmets and heads are larger.

My old ones are getting redone (rebased mostly) as paramilitary cops.  Ready for Harder Than Steel, making it harder to resist A Fistfull of Kung Fu.

Gripe.  Only 2 figures with swords, no real replacement for the officer type with pistol so ideal for close assault troops.  I'd love a pack so armed, or 2, one bareheaded.

And finally, my old power armour in police colours.  I'm tempted to add's corporate ashagaru and make another faction, bad corporation armed street gangs.

 Close assault

standard squad


heavy weapons

size comparison Brigade

size comparison UNSC Heavies

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