Thursday, 13 November 2014

GZG's V15 101a & 103a trailer mounted dish & rockets, Comparison GZG & Bridade's crew figures

I bought these as Jon's 20% off sale. £6 each, what a bargain! Out of the bag. Those of you used to buying Jon's starships will understand my immediate reaction-. That said, they went together well, but even medium thickness superglue struggled. The wheel holes are quite large and I'd have used a slow set epoxy, particularly if you want to do something clever with them. As you can see, I cut up a credit card and got the no-more-nails out quick.

Underneath the missile housing there is a series of attachment points for the pneumatic rod allowing for a variety of angles. *
 Thankfully, this all fitted together extremely well.

The dish is a good tight fit in the holding but the weight proved too much for my glue at a shallow angle.

Needless to say you can do a lot with these, ready to shoot, in-transit, reloading. I kept the tops separate giving me lots of choices. I'd hate to be the one who has to change a tyre.

I bought this objective from Critical Mass, considering it's resin for my dosh GZG wins hands down.

Now for the towee.  I had considered Brigade's new Hippo truck, but it looks too competent and chunky.  I'd use it for the ground-mount versions, particularly the not-patriot system.

My eyes were blinded by the new infantry that I missed this one

which is perfect, it looks like it could go through a few puddles n lumps.  Do you remember the film Wild Geese? 

 The whole film "sets the stage" for ultramodernish Africa to me.  The old jeeps and Bedford trucks being perfect for the terrain.  Wonder if Jon will release a canopy?!

I've included shots of the new Brigade crew, armed and repair in Soviet style helmets with various GZG PAU and support infantry for your delectation and delight.

*Getting this sentence on the web alone is worth the cost.