Friday, 21 November 2014

Song of Drums and Tomahawks game one

Our first Song of Drums and Tomahawks game.

Good news. If your familiar with the Ganesha rules methodology then you'll find this set easy, and the group activation changes give a distinctive period feel.

Bad news. If your not familiar, you'll find the rules somewhat obscure and in need of clarification.

First impressions.
The leadership rules are different:
adds +1 to morale rolls when close
can lead specific group movement actions depending on their troop types
can perform rally actions.

There is no volley action, which was a bit of a surprise.

Shooting, melee and traits are simpler than Flying Lead, but the traits could be listed on the playsheet (i.e. +1 in melee strong trait).

No plus for shooting from ambush.  We cheated and added it.
No minus for moving and shooting.

No use of reaction, which would greatly benefit the looser troop types by moving individuals.

The Game
I'd set out a hamlet with a road running past it. Carpet patches indicated woods.

Tony chose an Indian Brave force under a French officer. I took a regular British patrol with officer and sergeant. All were taken straight from the book and about 250 points.

I marched down the road. The group activation is much simpler than the FS version, as it's one roll for all.

 Three moves and I stopped right in front of the ambush, which was nice. Tony's Indians piled out of the wood, lined up on the hedge and started shooting. First one injures the officer (passed scalping roll), the squaddies bar one leg it. Second shot sends the sergeant for cover of opposite hedge. The rest of the Indians pile over the hedge after the officer and sergeant.

While the Indians cluster around the downed officer, the sergeant scarpers back to the nearest house where he is able to yell “rally to me”, forcing his lads into a firing line.
 One Indian followed him along the hedge and hit the left trooper, sending him reeling back. In steps the sergeant and beats him down. Sneaking around their blind left, 2 others. One hops up the building to sneak a shot at the sergeant. He reels back, commands the nearest soldier to shoot and the Indian does the classic plummet. His mate sneaks around the corner and tries for the sergeant again, a near miss. Getting a bit fed up with being a target, he steps up lively like, them not liking the cold steel up 'em. The French officer having dragged the wounded English officer off, the rest of the Indians decided it was tea time and melted away.

A fun little game that could have gone many ways. Watch this space for more.

Sorry for the unfinished figures, the Martians are from an old project still on the back=burner. The Indians have seen service as Caribbean natives.