Thursday, 4 December 2014

15mm Daleks from Dalek Risk, some comparison shots

How many posts have you seen with regards to 15mm Dalek?  You can travail the multiverse on them.

Now there's Dalek risk.
The BIG ones are better 28mm than the Dr Who comic models.
The MEDIUM would work in 20mm or as HW conversions.
The SMALL are nicely sized for true 15mm (say Peter Pig)  but to be fair the addition on a small base (which a metal figure would have-) should work, watch this space!

You get 3 sets of 42(!) old style old and 2 of the rather strange new.  On first look the top section is just too small, but any conversions will create newer, better models.

You also get a nifty perfect size Tardis.  So whatever you get to use, you are talking less than 10p a figure.  Never mind the quality, feel the waves of sleeting energy!

Excuse the selection, I did this in a rush as I'm doing 12 hour days-.

Now for the porn.

Large, Tardis, GZG old figures, Small, Medium, New type.

Closer look

Meet the Ancestor, Khurasan Exterminator not spider Dalek

Vs new GZG Japanese

Some real-life comparisons.  A friend used to organise SW Model Expo at Bovington Tank Museum. When we decided to have a SF theme.  First year I struggled to get 5.  Then they copped theWW1 trench system.  Next year we had to beat them off with a stick.  We had 30 booked in, ended up with 33.  Now my clever missus, she was told that digital photography didn't work in the trenches due to the ambient low-level red lighting.  So she used real black and white film -  just before it became impossible to get.  Enjoy.

Yes that is a real tank!

Note the Hu-man and Dalek at rear of picture

This is the Boscombe Tardis, a stone

s throw from our shop.

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