Monday, 29 December 2014

GZG's MRAP vehicles and a few more PAU troops

My more faithful readers, those sitting the exam, will have noted my surprise with regards to my GZG Yule order.  Jon took 90 minutes from order to posting.  I speculated that such a large delay must mean that he had to cast something.  I was right-.

My order was for a bunch of MRAP series to complement my impulse purchase as listed before.

Here's the catalogue:

Here's what I got.  Please note that I've used Brigades new "Soviet" style crew and their storage, as it's what I had to hand.  I need to add more storage but not yet!  I also got several packs of mortars and machine guns plus yet more command.

 The advantage of the truck is that it's so mutable.  Here's a couple of guns I made, 1 GZG, 1 using spare kneeling figures and basing in my usual method.  The back will take anything based on a UK 2p piece (hence me playing around with a handy Nessie)

And the casting!  A yet to be releases "shortie".  Now what Jon's done here is given us the classic British off-road success the Land Rover or "Landie"  in a near-future mode.  Brigade's just done the Toyota Land Cruiser or "Yute".  But this is as Brit as it gets.

 Proper towing vehicles or what?

HW squads, mortars, HMG's and RPG's.

That's me PAU geared up for Harder Than Steel!

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