Saturday, 5 July 2014

Pimping my Llurg's ride, basing and converting Matchbox vehicles

Pimping the Llurg's ride.

My article on my method of basing vehicles is my all-time hit. This is the first of two follow-on articles.  See CD movement trays and scrap plastic vehicle bases 20.2.14

Do you remember, oh my rapscallions, the A Team?

Every week they would get captured, locked in a barn, then burst forth to win the day in a modified vehicle thoughtfully provided by their opponents.


Llurgs are low-class mercenaries whose modus operandi is to be dropped behind enemies lines to disrupt the rear area.

See Flying Lead Cops, Coats and Aliens 27.2.14

Just imagine them being dropped on some farm in the boonies. They have some old weapons, but mostly it is what they can make. 

Now I haven't finished these, they need crew added and a bit more work. I fact, taking pictures is a very good way of seeing what needs doing.

All weapons are by The Scene, the large rolls of storage, rug covering the gunners base and carpet on top of the trailer are tea bags.
The first step is to damage the vehicle with pinchers and a bradawl. Then I wash in washing-up liquid. Superglue the wheels. UHU or similar glue does a better job of holding down items, then a drop of superglue after. Credit cards provide the plastic sheeting. Girders are from toys and tools tied to packaging with a twist.

Bits cut off were reused. One as a platform in the hopper, which was filled with PVA, then sand added, stirred in with a few drops of ink.

I paint areas with a similar colour to dull down the plastics. Then it's using up any spare paint and lots of dirty washes.

Bases are made from thin scrap plastic from food containers covered with a fairly thick level of no-more-nails, making sure it goes over the wheels.

 That's it for now, more to come once I've put the crew in place.