Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Flashing Steel Giant rat of Sumatra no 2, the Big game!

The Giant Rat of Sumatra, a trilogy in three parts, part two

Scene two

A smoky club, senior officers sit around a roaring fire, pipes in hand. A map is laid out on a nearby table held down with the port decanter and glasses.

Captain Utterly-Bastard
“So we are agreed, this is a job for Major Humpington* and his 42nd South Dorset Wurzlers”.
“Sneaky chap your pyrat you know, wot? May I respectfully suggest that the augmentation of this force by the inclusion of that intrepid chat Captain Utterl-Batard and his picked men, my lord?”

*You will find his distant relative earlier in Trouble at t'Mill. The family being of the military sort, which means they have the good manners to breed a new officer before the incumbent goes and pops orf on some foreign field.

The Game

There's going to be a version of Flashing Steel that deals with larger forces. We cannot wait so here's an amalgam of Flashing Steel and OGAM.

From FS we have the movement, combat factors.  Leaders can activate up to  5 bases.

From OGAM we take the concept of the 4-group being the base for combat and casualty removal. So each base is rolled for on one base, factors applied and a difference of 3 causing a casualty removal.

Major Humpington Q3 C2, Leader, Sword
Sergeant Q4 C3, 2ic, Sword
Wurzler Q4 C2, Musket

Captain Utterly-Bastard Leader, Q3 C3, sword, Pistol
Sergeant O'Plonker Q3 C2, 2ic, Sword
Picked Man Q3, C2, Musket, Sword, Good shot

Musket Medium range, C+2 1+2nd range, C+1 3rd. 2 actions reload.
Pistol 1st band C+3, 2nd C+2, 3rd C+1 .2 actions reload
Roll of 1 = misfire.


Captain Q4 C1, Leader, Pistol
Bosun (2ic) Q4 C2, 2ic, sword,
Pyrat Q4 C2, Polearm, or Sword
Blunderbuss and Bomb Q4, C2, count as 4 pistol, no reload

Better Weapon pushes back if draw

Sword, Bayonet
Musket butt, Club

Reaction, can be used for any action bar group activation. Any reload must be a full reload.

Did this ever work! 
Do try something similar.

Tony took the British.

He advanced steadily until 3 1's.  I took the reactions and charged out with 2 bases straight for the Officer.  One bas pushed the Brits back, one was pushed back, not what I'd hoped for.

The Sergeants group blew one unit to bits then kept going.

Utterly Bastards men go full pelt, ignoring the group on the flank only to be faced with the crack-rat suicide squad.  Bombs away!  The front rank and Utterly-Bastard are down (and a rat to friendly IED).  The second wave don't fare so well, simply pushing them back.

Three picked men bases are taken on to by the Officer.

Meanstwhile, the Sergeants group have slowly moved and fought and shot their way forward.

The first batch of rats having being cheesed, the Captain does a runner (leaving the remnants to be mopped up) and instructs his Bosun to "Unleash the Rats of Hell!"

"You can take our lives but you cannot take MY HAT!"

The new rat horde streams into conflict with the Sergeants group, he just keeps chopping and shooting them up.  The remains of the picked men advance and it's all over.

The Captain disappears down into the depths of the temple with

"We will be back".

Coming soon in part three!

Now this is something you don't see every day - happy days!