Monday, 2 June 2014

Battlesworn Japanese Fantasy 2

Battlesworn Japanese Fantasy 2  (they're hee-er)

There is a Kami of Ganesha Games. When I order from, I always buy at least one item from this range:
So I get this, thinking of a certain ruler and his sweet old lady.
Then Tony looked at and said – Baron Silas Greenback!

Now I'm also reading the first Tomoe Gozen book featuring a Bakemono, his human wife and Oni retainers.

 I have the leader, very Brian Blessed, of my goblins.

I'd also bought a Chimera (and more skeletons) for my Hades OGAM force.


The little light goes on again, not a Chimera but a Kirin as featured in 47 Ronin. Easy conversion and it gives me a nice set of wings and a couple of heads to play with. Sorted. Proper Job.

I've watched some manga, but nothing ever hit the mark. The Tomoe Gozen books are spot on for me. I'll re-read the series and come up with a definitive list, although I've hinted at several below. I used to referee Bushido RPG changing the setting to match the above.

A quick note on the buildings, they're from Timecast's Vietnam range and get used from Trojan War to Victorian.
I have an idea for Buddhist vs Shinto game, but this is very difficult. Although the gods of all sizes are Shinto, as are the animalistic monsters such as Naga, Kappa and Tengu, to which could be added Ninja. That leaves the Oni and Goblins(?) on the Buddhist side. Defence of a shrine or temple, set at the introduction of Buddhism would seem ideal. Watch out for OGAM. Please help, creative criticism is welcome.

The basic set, one of everything :

Transpose one of the elements from the previous lists. Tengu in place of cavalry as Flying/Brute, Oni for Brute, Tank, Goblins as Rabble. I'm not sure what to do with the rest, so suggest you add to goblins. Tempted to suggest schoolgirls as Brutes, though.

Army of the Shugenja
Leader/Sorcerer (2) (you can use a schoolgirl or spare Oni or Tengu)
2 Oni Tanks (2)
2 Tengu Flyer/Brute (4)
4 Fighter goblins (4)

Army of Tomoe Gozen and the Golden Naginata
Leader/Brute/warmage (3)
4 Fighter Samurai/monks (4)
2 Rogue warrior Monks (2)
6 Rabble (3)

Army of the sleeping sorcerer
Leader/Brute ensorcered Tomoe Gozen (2)
4 Fighters ensorcered Samurai and larger goblins (4)
3 Rogue goblins (3)
6 Rabble ensorcered peasants (3)

Oni (or Bakemono) Diamyo
Leader/Tank/Warmage (3)
2 Tank Oni`` (2)
4 Fighter goblin spear (4)
3 Shooter goblins or 6 Rabble (3)

Army of Nagato from 47 Ronin
Sorcerer (1)
Raised Tank (1)
5 Fighter Samurai (5)
5 Shooter Samurai (5)

Basic pack plus goblin pack
Goblin Warband
Leader/Rogue (2)
4 Fighters with spear (4)
3 Shooter armoured goblins (3)
6 Rabble (3)

Dutch (why not?)
4 fighters with cutlass or spear (4)
4 Arquebusiers (4)
4 Rogues with pistols, axes etc. (4)

Leader/Brute or Tank captain in plate (2)
4 Fighters Pike (4)
3 Shooters crossbow (3)
1 Arquebusier/Sniper (2)
2 Rabble sailors (1)

So I bought the basic pack, which gives you one of each sculpt. Two goblin pack gives me another 24 goblins. That makes 30, thinking of OGAM that's 3 units of 8, a skirmish unit of 4 plus a couple to turn into standard bearers or officers. Plus one more sword bearing Tengu to make a unit of 4 or one Dai Tengu.

I did a knee-jerk reaction buy of £52 on Eurika's Medieval Japanese (followed by a frantic painting sessions to the limits of my poor old eyes). My collection already included a few Oni bought a couple of years ago when there was talk of a Japanese rule set from Ganesha. I spent about half what I expected on the fantasy, but I'm sure there will be more to come. We spent a similar amount to watch Godzilla.

I was looking around for inspiration on painting Oni's and I got it. But I need one more, and something from Museum Miniatures, a bit of conversion and we are there. Can you guess?

OGAM next while pondering Sword of Spear and Shield, or some other rules?

See previous post - "higher class" Medieval force
Less civilised Medieval Samurai.
We tried a Cav/Archer force, the upgrade isn't worth the points.
This Follower Archer took out 1 mounted and 2 dismounted Samurai before getting shot.