Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Flashing Steel Giant Rat of Sumatra Game 1

The Giant Rat of Sumatra, a trilogy in three parts

Scene One

A Victorian operating theatre. A distinguished looking gentleman* stands before the slab upon which resides the corpse of a giant rat. The creature is a smidgeon** under 4ft tall in the body, with a docked tail, has lost an eye and a leg. His greying pelt indicative of a respectable age.

On a side table rests a brown frock coat of antique fashion, a matching plain brown waitcoat, a good quality pocket watch, a wooden leg, eyepatch, paisley bandana and a Webley pistol.

The close seats have a smattering of military of all services, senior experts and such personages going “harumph.”

Top seats are giver over to Yahoos in groups going “huzzah”

“My Lords, distinguished academicians, gallant officers and gentlemen, today we shall try and resolve the persistent problems pertaining to the giant pirate rat of Sumatra!”

Dramatic pause, lapels of waistcoat, peers over glasses.

“Scientific research has failed so far to discover the exact nature of these beasts, we can only speculate into what dank and noisome long forgotten temple their ancestors crept, there to nest on some long forgotten tomes of eldrich magic, that of which seeped into the very fabric of the creatures. The young, weaned on this arcane diet grew in stature and intelligence until they were able to stand before the world and wonder, like some obscene Adam and Eve. Whatever influence then took hold of these beasts, interrogation has revealed that they came to the conclusion that they would be themselves, but there was no guiding hand to shape this destiny. So they came to the conclusion that if they could not become themselves, they would become - ------ Pyrates!”
    * Insert suitable post-war actor of your choice here. Should have a refined Edinburgh accent.
** The Smidgeon is a smaller, more inquisitive, relative of the Haggis, inhabiting higher altitudes.
Mostly known for the Ides of August, when hunters from the Gorbals and Tussocks gather on lonely hillsides. Here the hunters lay down their kilts upon the heather with only their pet Sporrans*** for company and pillow. The Gorbals hunter, resplendent in his white shirt and Doc Martins waits reclined upon the kilt with his Tam O Shanter in his hand waiting for the creature to draw near. For the Trossock man, a similar pose is taken but with the clog firmly clenched in each hand ready to do battle, as Burns says ”wee ye yon wee beasty”. It is from this stalwart we get the phrase “popping yer clogs” referring to the self immolation of the hunter with his own footwear during the battle, although this happens rarely now due to EU quotas.

*** Oh no, you've had yer lot.

Game 1

Based on a real incident*. The rats have learnt of a delivery of cheese being delivered to a local shop. Unable to resist, they lay their plans. A Chinese Dragon dance is practised, the Dragon acquired and converted so that their polearms are used as hand holds.

Now, thanks to EVA foam and warbases.

Rats All: Brawler (no penalty multiple foes) Drunkard, Gang (+1 in cbt friends within short)
Sneaky (good at finding cover, which is counted as higher, hit by 1 or 2 a miss) @ 18.

Captain Q4 C1, Leader, 8+15+18 = 41
Bosun (2ic) Q4 C2, 2ic, sword, 10+10+10+18 =48
6 Pyrats Q4 C2, polearm, 15+10+18 = 43 x8= 258
Polearm always knocks down, C+1

Ambush +1 in first attack

Drunkard, if the Captains drunk they're ALL drunk (difficult Q check, needs to pass all 3)
then -1 Q, C+1 and +1 on morale.
Total 347


Sergeant Q4 C3, leader, sword, 23+15+10 = 48
5 Guards Q4 C2, Musket, 15+15+= 30 X 5 = 150
Gangmaster Q4 C2, pistol, cudgel, 15+10+5 = 40
8 Longshoremen Q4 C2, improvised weapon, Guard, 15+-3 =12 X 8 = 104

Total 342

Musket Medium range, C+2, 1+2nd range, C+1, 3rd. 2 actions reload.
Pistol 1st band C+3, 2nd C+2, 3rd C+1 .2 actions reload
Roll of 1 = misfire.

Better Weapon
Sword, Bayonet
Musket butt, Club
knife or Improvised 2 hand weapon

If beaten by a better weapon always knocked down.

Beaten by a lesser weapon combat result a further -1.

Reaction, can be used for any action bar group activation. Any reload must be a full reload.

*We got into Flashing Steel during our pirate LARP days. Falling in love 'cos we were getting results that were consistent with “real life”.

During our Bandits, Brigands and Buccaneer days, I happened to enquire of the organiser if there were any lion dancers in the area, as the mad bunch we were attached to were going to do oriental pirates. We end up with our own gated compound, the lion, oriental rat costumes complete with a naginata used to hold up the lion. After a few practices a public performance. Out comes the dragon, people gather. A few waggles and on the word of command the dragon went down, rats revealed, the naginatas levelled and the crowd charged. This had the desired effect.

As you can see, there was a lot of people about.  To simulate this I had Emlyn drop poker chips, and a non-combatant was placed on each chip.

We did 2 games, swapping sides.  Emlyn with the rats.  They managed to sneak up and take out the sergeant and the gangboss, leading to a mass rush for the bar.  One trooper was swamped by rats, whilst the remaining longshoreman mobbed the bosun.  The Captain chased after the rest, setting fire to the pubs roof.  He was chased off by a guard and a longshoreman fought the fire with little effect.  A leap and attack on the retreating cart proved effective, the attacker falling off.  Win for the rats.

Game two.  Me with the rats.  So we sauntered up all casual like.  One rat attacked a woman to draw off the guards, but she matched him with a parasole-.  It had to happen, the guards realised what was going on and let loose with an aimed shots at near point blank.  The Captain and few remaining put up a fight, but the weight of numbers won the day.

 I'm going to rerun this game again with Tony soon.  Plus, first night at the new club, anyone in our area please come along!


Fire!  The pub's on fire!  The captain holds the door while the guard takes a shot.  The longshoreman's ready to leap in.