Sunday, 25 May 2014

15mm Japanese Fantasy size comparisons

15mm Japanese Fantasy size comparison.

First apologies, here's what I did in the day I got them. 'Er in doors wants her camera back (I know! Really-) plus there's another skool holiday coming up that's going to cut of both gaming and painting.

Here is the control group:

GZG special forces ninja

Museum Miniatures Age of War arquebusier & spear

Dixon's from one of their few “mixed bags”.  This range seems to have stopped production/

Eureka Medievals Samurai and Shugenja, follower with Naginata

Dixons 28mm (although I'm sure they were “25mm” when I first bought them) Oni and Naga.

Oni mixed group. I'm so pleased with the new ones, brimming with attitude and fill in the smaller size range nicely.  I can see these being used as a Japanese Hulk!


Tengu. Most pleased with these, as they are smaller than they looked on the website.


Goblin Archers. Three poses, one armoured, two similar unarmoured. Good size, very orc's.


Goblin Polearm. Nice range from unarmoured to similar to a Medieval follower or lightly armed Bushi.

Eurika's Shukenka vs their earlier Samurai

The Schoolgirls - a little larger than I expected, but useful for almost any setting.

Eurika's geisha is very prim in comparison.

Last the Kappa, lovely little figures - great weapons.

A sneak peek. This is sort of where I'm going
Monks vs goblin horde.  Flashing Naginatas Andrea!

 Medieval peasants, a few followers and Bushi cavalry backed by a Shugenja battle the warband of a Dai Oni comprising a good old green goblin horde, his kids and some Tengu.