Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A.R.E.A. 51 Skaro, new Imperial squad Heavy Weapon Dalek test series

A.R.E.A 51* Skaro

Wait, wait – 3 Rels exactly.

Patoom. Trial subject 007**, production prototype squad level Heavy Weapon Dalek.

Advances in enemy (and rebel) technology has promoted the adoption of a new squad level support Dalek. Although the Uber-Dalek project has fulfilled most requirements, slow and limited production coupled with a tendency for their override to self destruct provided a cap on numbers.

The new model uses off the shelf components with drone genotypes chosen for stability. As with any high energy weapon system, heat dissipation is a major problem. A basic gas cooled gatling laser plus walker configuration*** provides a cost effective solution.

Although similar to the rebel conquest model, those use an advanced travel machine that recycles waste heat as a motive power source. Plus, rebel HW are selected from combat veterans who are transferred to standard travel machines between assignments

Test Force

Vehicle Q4, C1, Medium armoured +3, gyro stabilised, “off road” vehicle = 88

Heavy Weapons standard weapon anti-personnel Gatling version AP, auto-fire, lethal vs soft targets, long range, spread C4

Section of 5 Imperial drones

Q4, C3, body armour, eager, lethal vs soft targets, range max 3 medium. 45x5= 225

Force total 313.

Patoom. Observers present Dalek Supreme (Area controller) Chief Scientist, General Paiyn (1st Guards senior, combat assessor) assorted science and technical support.

Patoom. Test one. Human squad strength, urban area. Support, one standard squad.

Sergeant Q4 C3 72points  Leader, Reluctant, Submachine gun, Commo, Pistol 3 Troopers Q4 C2, @ 44points, Submachine gun, grenades

LMG Team Q4 C2 65 points, crewed LMG, steady under fire

APC with heavy MG fitted.

Mention in dispatches.  MG team ran forward under the guns, set up and dispatched 2 Daleks knocked down by grenades.

Tony used drones to distract the humans, leaving the HW to pick targets.

The APC was twice stunned until destroyed by a mis-thrown gredade

Patoom. Test two. Mechanoid Hive Shard, large mine chamber. Support, one standard squad****.

Mechanoid Q3 C1, Medium, Mook, Flamethrower, poor shot, commo 84

Controller +hero = 99

Any successful close assault results in a grapple. 4 Mechanoid drones Total 336

Daleks got lucky and gained the high ground.
Again Tony used the drones to herd the Mechanoids into a shooting solution, taking out 2, disrupting 2 by group shooting.

Keeping to the upper level, the HW had a  couple of close hits, but was able to line up effective firing solutions.

Could have been a different game if I'd used the open terrain I'd originally planned.

Patoom. Test three. Rebel model Storm, blasted open area. Support, 1 drone. Total 133

Storm HW Dalek

Q3, C4, Body armour, crack shot, elite, steady under fire, commo, long move, Total 134

Storm took and kept the initiative, zooming from cover to cover.

The drone went down early.

When it came to the showdown the HW took advantage of a reaction to kill Storm, the lesser armour giving way to the obscene beauty of coherent light sleeting from the barrels of the gatling.

*Advanced Reality Enhancement Area, a facility where Daleks create and dream.

** Prototype 1-3 used direct installation via transmat for fast deployment. These went mad due to pain, stress and rapid heat exhaustion.

Prototype 4 used an enhanced travel machine. The occupant was broiled by its own weapon.

Prototype 5 used a sub-commander genotype that proved incapable (or unwilling) of semi independent action without causing disruption and large body count.

Prototype 6 used a low level drone genotype with enhanced computer support. This model went catatonic after observing itself in a reflective surface.

***Multiple legs provide both stability and large heat dissipation surfaces.

****General Paiyn remembered asteroid mine 4444gh. Mechanoids can adapt to their environment. Most of those encountered had an outer shell of superdense ice, others vat grown diamond over a carbon core fitted with drilling laser. It was there that he lost his original travel machine (as did most of command) before getting installed in a customised HW travel machine. Rumours that the troops call him hoppy remain groundless.
Early Skaro War version of HW Dalek
All the usual subjects:
New HW
PAU SAW team
Imperial Drone
Uber Dalek next generation HW Dalek. 
Note shield generator used to protect Dalek from heat of own weapon.
You can just see the MG team in the ruin getting set up.

I'm so pleased with this, all scraps made in 30 minutes.

The base is the reverse of my urban sections.


Take the high ground!

How's this for stealth?