Monday, 21 July 2014

FL Stargating across the universe

A 15mm Stargate from a CD, then Flying Lead!

First, cut your CD. To cut it, immerse in water. That's it. I used a mug, then cut V's, breaking them off with a pair of pincers. The operation was carried out in a mop bucket. Be careful, there will be a few flecks.

The rear was made from 2 circles of EV/funky/hobby foam with a scrunched up filling of paper and silver foil. I used the white side.

Simply presenting one to the other for open. The dial-home was a pillar base

Jaffar. Now Jaffa'rs take the cake as SF's perfect Mooks. We used the scenario given in the Flying lead rules, I'm not going to tempt copywrite here. The 4 person human team is a bunch of heroes vs 10 including an officer and sergeant. We played as per the scenario published in the rules except that we use reactions for mixed actions.  This scenario was very "hollywood", but using reactions made it even moreso. Brownie points to Emlyn who got the flavour of the programme, doing "in character" stunts I'd (nor anyone not backed by a scriptwriter) wouldn't attempt.

The Jaffar (Emlyn) are trying to get a package to their ring transport with the away team (me) coming through the ring and trying to destroy or capture the package. I won the toss and went zooming down the table ( which in hindsight was too small). Mixed reaction sent the Captain into action with his silly little pea shooter, knocking back one and downing another. Unfortunately that put him in range (but in cover) of the Jaffar officer who did an aimed shot. One dead officer and the team in flight. They did a brave attempt to get his body back but only one made it through the gate.

Second game, swap sides. Once again the team came charging down the board, outflanking the main group. I rolled so bad that in my second group only the sergeant (bearing the bundle) got on the table. The Dr did a good flank run with his zapper, stunning 2 including the sergeant. A second flank run got the box and killed the sergeant. A good shot took out the officer, so leaderless – game over.

Next week we tried running down corridors. No expense was spared here and I must thank Iceland and Liddle's for their various egg-based contribution. The larger room was Liddle's Southern Fried chicken, which was nice. I've been collecting doors and other bits so I based and undercoated a few. Door level, shut, door angle, open, door flat, busted open. I had a selection of pallets and clutter that was scooped and dropped

I bought this Dungeon Dice years ago. Rather than take all night, each activation equalled a dice roll or opening/closing a door

First game was (non-mook) Jaffar vs various bugs. I divided these into 6 groups. Rolling the first 5 moves for the bugs I rolled for random spread. It took a fair bit of rolling but finally got there and 3 waves of bugs hit. Discipline won, with no leader the bugs were overwhelmed, the spear application of the weapon used en masse proved the most effective. If your going to try this, small security team and some organisation with the bugs. Not as good as I'd hoped.

Next Jaffar vs my new human cultists (me). No lack of leaders here, roughly equal numbers. New weapon, flamethrower. Same as before, 1 crossing with a major turning down, so kept half here whilst rest scouted ahead. Immediately the Jaffar found the crossing and attacked. I advanced my flamethrower into cover, hoping to get in range. A volley shot took him down, scratch force one. The others meanwhile returned at speed whilst Emlyn set up an ambush. Leaving their route and the passage down open, he retired behind the other 2. I entered “not knowing”, man on each door, leader in cover, flamethrower in middle and one man probing the down path.

Waiting till he had good dice, he came storming out, might have been different if the flamethrower had got a shot in, but never mind! Lesson learnt, for a flamethrower to be effective you need to pin them then burn 'em, going for a gory death. Give them a bodyguard.

Not the best games, oh my brethren. You learn and you do better next time.