Monday, 21 July 2014

Basing river craft and flying infantry bases & movement tray

First, cut your CD. Got to thank Tony for this simple solution. Cut it in water. That's it.  Why a CD?  Cheap and don't warp.

Here's my first trial with a fun boat from 99p Stores. Now you must let each stage dry thoroughly.

 I started as usual with a thin layer of no-more-nails streaked with a coffee stirrer. Then painted with a cheap acrylic ultramarine in one thick coat. Once dry this self-shades. Drybrushed heavily with titanium white. I've put this on a spare piece of EVA/model/funky foam, but it's worth having something similar to what you're going to use as a surface for reference. I used the leftover on the foam, which worked, so that's an easy way to colour foam. As I wanted to base river craft, I tried adding 2 drops of my favourite ink, Daler's Antelope Brown. I put 2 drops in a tablespoonful of PVA. I think I'll use just 1 in production.

The opposite quarter used neat PVA in one thick coat. Although you cannot see the difference, it does make a very good seal to the vehicle.

Having researched the web, I had considered using 2 part epoxy glue but I'm happy with this cheap method.

This Disney junk is a sea going craft so the water's nice and blue. Alright I know water isn't blue, but it's supposed to be.

These are my small collection from The Scene with “mucky” river bases.

Flight Bases
We had trouble with OGAM, as I hadn't foreseen the need for flying stands. Plus, there are SF infantry who can fly such as Daleks, heavy UNSC, and Vespids.

This was my first trial with these pots available from most UK cheap shops.

Fill the base with sand/PVA mix, a bit of foam on top for non-slip and a UK 2p coin on the base.

This is my first SF production run. Now if we're at a level where troops go flying around, we are talking happy to drop nuke land, so any real estate is going to look a bit fried. Made as above but I trimmed the lid down (careful!), added a UK 1p inside, black paint to the inside and outside of the lid, then drybrushed white. I had considered adding one of those nice sparkly stick-on gems to the inside, but trying to get them level proved impossible.

Movement stand. CD, foam cover with positions carved out but not removed. Then decorated and once nearly dry the holes removed and the no-more-nails spread around. As I use a standard – cd's and 2p size holes, its easy to turn this into a rubble base.

Spare cd rubble is re-used,  scraped back it gives a nice industrial/glassy look.

2 squads of  Imperials pass over their section and platoon HW Daleks.