Sunday, 4 August 2013

AAR First Harder Than Steel Game using V1

We made mistakes, but I'm not going to admit to them!

As the basic rules Andrea published didn't include everything, so I used Flying Lead modifiers and points.

The main difference in this game is that you get to (attempt to) use your opponent's missed activations. This comes to the fore when you lose two. Your opponent can then roll them, next start his round with the same unit or maverick This is what turns that solo figure into a Rambo, choosing targets and taking them out one after the other.


The Rebels realised that being heavily outnumbered, they had to be aggressive. Punching to the centre with two units, right wing held by the third and the left by the Storm.

The Imperials suffered with poor dice rolling to start (Very embarrassing to suffer three failures and then have to “grub” for every spare reaction to try and stay in the game!) allowing the rebels to storm their centre, routing one unit and depleting a second. Did not help that the Uber Heavy Weapon Dalek's computer self-destructed on first activation.

The depleted Imperial unit saw its opportunity for glory and close assaulted the enemy Black Dalek. Success! But the Rebels held, one unit did a short retreat.

Enraged, the Rebels go in, supported by their Heavy Weapons laying down supporting fire.


On the Rebel left, Storm is facing 2 units. Using its speed and mobility to do a strafing run, inflicting casualties and suppression But its luck didn't hold, three successes resulted in a move in, double shooting. Storm goes down in flames.


Their centre gone and the Imperial Black Dalek being chased by the last remaining HW Dalek, being forced to throw understrength units at it just to survive.

A very Pyrrhic victory for the Rebels.

HTS is a fast and furious game. It is easy to get confused between reaction and activation. DO NOT play with a rules lawyer, this is definitely a game you play WITH your opponent. If you want to just line them up and go straight ahead, there are lots of games out there for you.

Quick comparisons

Tomorrows war. Similar in that these mainly deal with infantry, the use of failed initiatives as reaction and not having to make a decision until you've rolled the dice gets rid of the “I'm going to do this” - “when you get here, I will react” that a lot of plays object to.

Useme. This first volume version has the ability to flesh out in the good old Ganesha way.

Gruntz. Seems to have radically alter each time I play it and there is the “according to the forum” rules mentality. Gruntz is very, very generic and most people don't seem to play with basic infantry, where this (like most Ganesha's) is best (FUN) played with less powerful troops.