Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Trouble 't Mill Forces

This looks like I went to a lot of trouble rather than did something basic on a couple of scraps of paper!

As before, the forces were designed in Flying Lead (FL), then converted to HTS.


Ixx “Infantry Fighting Insect”* Q3 C3 140                      HTS Q5 C5 A3
Armoured +3, Gyrostabilised flamethrower, Long move, “3 passengers”

Crew 1) Q3 C3 132                         HTS Q5 C5 A3
Long move, Needler, Crackshot, Armour, Stealth

Crew 2) Q3 C3 116                         HTS Q5 C5 A3
Long move, Shotgun, Acrobat, Armour, Stealth

4 “complete sets” 1,552

Sterling Forces
Being from a certain organisation Total 409 points

Model T Q4 C2 Medium move, Offroad 36 points*        HTS Q6 C4 A2
3 passengers and driver 114 points total.

Driver, camera, Q4 C1 Pistol 39 points                            HTS Q6 C2 A1
Col. Sir Strenge. Diplomat**, Pistol, Q4 C1 24points     HTS Q6 C2 A1
Memsab. Shotgun Q4 C1 30 points                                  HTS Q6 C2 A1
Ms Daphne Hugh Tracksoland Q4 C2 Pistol 24 points    HTS Q6 C2 A1

Peugot Roadster Q4 C3 Long move, 56 points                 HTS Q6 C4 A1
5 passengers and driver 295 points total

Driver Simon Strange Q4 C3 Heavy Pistols 49points      HTS Q6 C4 A1
Miss Gothe d'Type Q4 C2 Pistol 24 points                      HTS Q6 C3 A1
Captain Blue Q4 C2 Pistol 24 points                               HTS Q6 C3 A1
Chappie Q4 C2 Bolt Action Rifle 41 points                    HTS Q6 C3 A1
Jock Q4 C2 Sniper, Bolt Action Rifle 63 points             HTS Q6 C3 A1
Quiet American Q4 C2 Shotgun 38 points                     HTS Q6 C3 A1

Territorials all Q4 C2 HTS Q7 C3 A1

Major Harumphing Pistol, Leader, Mook 42

Grenadier, Chucker, Grenades, Mook 26

Trooper, Bolt Action Rifle, Poor Shot, Mook 33

Machine gun Light machinegun pre 45, Poor shot, Mook 60

(This doesn't do justice to the real Territorials who could hold their own against any contemporary professional soldier, bar possible the Gurkha.)

Officer, 21 Troopers, 2 Grenadiers and Machine gun crew. Sub total 847

Sub total 409

Total 1,256

*Against more advanced troops boasts a plasma-burst type weapon, more armour and crew carry SAW and rocket launcher.

**These rules boast an online builders for vehicles, squads and weapons. Love it.

*** knighted for services to the Empire in explaining to the Upyuu tribe that their ancestral land was no longer theirs and would anyone not willing to work please go away