Friday, 23 August 2013

Our first play with Elephants for Song of Spear and Shield

“There is only one thing worse than finding an elephant in you pyjamas –
that's finding half an elephant”

Me mukkah Tony did, of his on volition, purchached a positive pile of proud pachyderms on e-bay. We have settled into series of what we call “End Games”, which is to say tactical problems such as a chess player might enjoy.

The following games had no points, extras. They are simple “what if's” or “have we got that right?”.

Game 1 Elephant vs Phalanx. A fairly pedestrian push n shove game. Nothing will really happen until someone rolls a wobbly. I'd park up in front of the pointy's and blow raspberries until something happens. This is when you need archers to even the odds.

Game 2 Elephants vs Javelin skirmishers.

This was fun! Don't try it until your familiar with rules.

To start, there's where the missiles land. You need a D6 for each shooter then sort them out in respect of recipient. A quick tot up of factors then roll some dice – once your used to the mechanics it becomes obvious which is useless so you can speed through the process.

A lucky shot skewered the Mahout, leaving the elephant to rampage. (1-5 hit the elephant)
A quick pass through the skirmishers killed 4, 1 to the pikemen.


Game 3 we racked up the odds. A unit of pike supported by close order archers vs elephant and 4 skirmishers.
  First activation 3 for the elephant – eek!
 “The engines will never stand it!”
 Smack into the archers, who failed to shoot or evade. Two get trampled, one gets piked. Javelin support, hassled and locked the pike, even pushed 2 back!
Activation, 1! So they skip off. Elephant gets 2 so does a hand brake turn and piles into the rear of the phalanx, 3 gone. Javelins skip to the side to make sure they're not in the way.
 Pikes! Can they turn and save the day? Nope, 1 again
(if I ever roll a 6, I'll post it here)
What to do but go straight ahead and hope? Now elephants go faster than close order infantry, and they don't like it up'em!

So our recommendation for a fun game is infantry vs skirmishers, full of action, movement and drama.
An elephant that has “passed through” a pike block (it's all that forin food) meeting the reception committee. Can you imagine what it's like? Hearing all that, waiting to be stomped from behind. Don't panic!

 Yes, I know they are the wrong period troops, on too wide bases and not even fully painted.

But I'd rather be happy and wrong.  Good days wargaming in 'er in doors shop.  Thanks Tone!