Monday, 2 July 2018

RS Moon Ying Tong beat up Brains

Next we have a match betwix the two least active players. The Ying Tong fared badly against the Nazis, leaving their leader & medic to become zombified. The Brains got handed their collective Uranus by the Daleks.

Now, with everyone else busy, the Tong attack! But the Brains aren't stupid and lure them to a cave crabs lair. The Tong equip themselves with grenades, 1 fragmentation each, but they're an old batch-.

By coincidence all figures are from Alternative Armies/Ion age.  Bar the bottom half of the Mind which is from GZG.

Ying Tong militia.

Tactical discipline Brawlers 10 roll failed melee attacks. Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6”

Vin Ying
Marksman3, Martial Arts3, 24 Total 45
Light combat dress 14 Zap rifle (4) 21

Wang Ying
Leader1, Martial Arts3, Robotech1, Tech1 18 Total 42
Kevlar 6 Motion detector 4 (+2 spot) Intrusion kit 4 (+2)

Yel Ying
Marksman3, Martial Arts3, 24 Total 47
Light combat dress 14 Vibroblade (3) 4 Zap pistol (3) 5 23

Zeel Ying
Marksman3, Martial Arts3, 24 Total 47
Light combat dress 14 Vibroblade (3) 4 Zap pistol (3) 5 23

Each with a fragmentation grenade, but they're faulty- on 10-20 they fail.

Brains from Uranus. Psi
Tactical discipline Gestalt, all +1 psi per member, any ooa 1 stress.
Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6”

Mind Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 6” Sprint 8” -1 ranged.
Difficult target, Extra legsx2, Leader2, Psi, Psi master3 31 Total 55
Blink 3 when hit, dodge Tn15 moves 2”, fail, 1 stress +1 damage
Encourage 4+1 activation when linked
Guidance 4+1 reaction when linked
Electrokinesis (2) 4 +3 to hit robot, cyborg or vehicle
Detect weakness 5 within 12”, +1 damage. 18

Green Difficult target, Marksman 1, Psi, 13 Total 31
Bionic body & arm 11
Sonic pistol (2) built-in 7

Orange Difficult target, Marksman 1, Psi, 13 Total 32
Bionic body & arm 11
Sonic rifle (3) built-in 8

Yellow Difficult target, Marksman 1, Psi, 13 Total 40
Bionic body & arm 11
Laser pistol (4) 6
Flamer pistol (5) 8
Detect weakness 2 within 12”, +1 damage. 16

Red, Difficult target, Marksman 1, Psi, Robotech 3, tech 2 27 Total 41
Sonic pistol (2) built-in 7
Neuro jack 3 +2 tech roll
Healing 2 lose wound, crippled, staggered 4” -1 per 4”
Precognition 4 determine contents 9

Thw Game.  Tony took the Tong and the initiative, as I was emplaced.

Warning crabs are highly contagious.

Sneaky, sneaky brains, set up above the lair, thus gaining protection and warning.  Ok, so there's piles of crab poo-.

Forward for the glory of the Ying Tong!

Didyouthinkhesawus Crabbi.  I diced for its starting position.

It leaps out at Wang Ying!  Always be careful about crab attacks on your Wang Ying.

Minor discomfort before Vin Ying blows its head apart.  I deced for direction of fall, Wang got lucky-.

Corpse makes good cover.

"The crab has meat its end!"

But wait, somethings moving!

"Come Brains of Uranus, let us drive these invaders from our (lift) shaft!"

Well, that worked, a few pins inflicted.

Vin Ying gets deaded in revenge for the crab.

But the rest make it to the door.

Stand back, wait for it-

Here they come, into a fizzing fusillade of fire!

Pins and knock-downs, but not out.

To take the pressure off, Kung Fu mode employed!

One down, but not out-.

Brain stormed!  Wang Ying gets lightly brain-slapped by angry brains.

Ouch, that hurts, Veel Ying is down, but gets a reaction and shoots Green dead from prone!  That's one.

Watch out!  Mind is moving!

Yel Ying gets zapped.  Now it's looking one - sided.

Wang Ying surrenders.  Yep, that's right, the least damaged & the leader surrenders.

Another shot, another dead brain.

He's on his feet now, 2 gone-

The Mind of the enemy.

Standing all peaceful, like.

Backhanded on reaction vibro blade Kung Fu chop!

Now if the Brain can get a good score I can fry his bits.  3 fails.  That's a no, then.

I''d have gotten away with it if it weren't for those pesky dice!

Last survivor makes a run- another off-hand shot, another cooked brain!  Brawn for lunch!

Bloodied, splattered with brain juice.  The victor.

The main problem with the Psi is that once they start to die, the rest pile on the pins leaving them effectively paralysed.

Let's look at Zeel Ying.  Before:
Marksman3, Martial Arts3, 24 Total 47
Light combat dress 14 Vibroblade (3) 4 Zap pistol (3) 5 23

Now he did all the work, gaining about 22.  I'd like tro give him leadership, but he's an one-man-army. Tough (8) Reactive (5) Veteran (6)  Steadfast (3) would do it without going too OTT.

Zeel Ying
Tough, Reactive, Marksman3, Martial Arts3, Steadfast, Veteran 46 Total 69
Light combat dress 14 Vibroblade (3) 4 Zap pistol (3) 5 23

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