Monday, 23 July 2018

FL Greenies bash Minge the Munificent

'ees 'at it igin! 'ees doinnit on porpoise I tells yer!  I did some painting, nearly finished most but can't find hairspray to finish.  Never mind.

Now here's a funny thing. I thought I'd used my Peter Pig Green Martians with Flying Lead. Not so, Rogue Stars, OHAA yes. Time to correct.

I bought the new Splintered Light Dark Elves. Couldn't resist, although not got the cavalry yet. These fit in very well with Peter Pigs elves. No, I haven't finished them yet. Going to add some sleds, the infantry for which and a small urban/adventurers force are both in the same stage of painting. I like the “spikey” style and dramatic poses. As the heavies have one lesser-armoured leg may consider adding pavise shields.

This is a continuation of last weeks, playing around with flyers.  I think it's important that we share our failures as well as our successes.  In this case, trying to use rules as not intended did not work.

Green Martian shooter Points 104 Quality 3+Combat 3
Drum Fed Light Machine Gun, Body Armor, Fearless, Poor Shot, Strong

Green Martian Warrior Points 88 Quality 3+Combat 3
Bolt Action Rifle, Body Armor, CQB Specialist, Fearless, Poor Shot, Strong

Green Martian Artilleryman Points 48 Quality 3+ Combat 3
Body Armor, Fearless, Poor Shot, Strong
Green Martian Anti-Air Artillery Points:39 Total 87 Combat +4,
3 Action Set Up, Armor Piercing, Lethal vs. Soft Targets, Priming Needed, Range: Long, Silent

Green Martian Cavalry Leader Points 206 Quality 3+ Combat 5
Large Calibre Pistol, Body Armor, Combat Fiend, Dashing, Fanatic, Leader, Long Move, Mounted, Poor Shot, Strong

Green Martian Cavalry
Points 176 Quality 3+ Combat 5
Large Calibre Pistol, Body Armor, Combat Fiend, Dashing, Fanatic, Long Move, Mounted, Poor Shot, Strong

Attacking force
Leader 206
6 cavalry 1,056
2 artillery 174
3 shooters 312
6 warriors 528
Total 2, 276

Army of Minge the Munificent
Pilot & grenadier.
Vehicle 10, Long move 10, 1 fighter 3, difficult target 10, C&C 15, Q3 35 C 2 70
Grenade/light bombs Points:3
Grenade Combat 3, Max Range 2 Medium, Priming Needed
2 Martian Warriors 76 Total 149

Gun Sled Vehicle 10, Thin armour+1 10, up to 8 fighters 24, Q2 40, Cbt 5 25, 109
Light Martian Cannon Points:15
Armor Piercing, Combat +3, Max Range 3 Medium, Very Slow Reload
8 Elite Martian Warriors 464 Total 588

Elite Martian Warrior Points 58 Quality 3+Combat 2,
Pistol, CQB Specialist, Dashing, Elite, Poor Shot, Steady Under Fire

Polearm Points 40 Quality 4+ Combat 3
CQB Specialist, Body Armour, Short Move, Steady Under Fire, Strong

Crossbow Points 39 Quality 4+ Combat 2
Modern Crossbow, Body Armor, Short Move, Steady Under Fire, Strong
Crossbow Skirmishers/bodyguards Points 59 Quality 4+ Combat 3
Pistol, Body Armor, CQB Specialist, Light/Bushwacker, Steady Under Fire

3 Grenadiers & sleds 447
Gunsled 588

Minge 74
6 Bodyguards 354
10 Spear 400
12 Crossbow 468
2, 331

The Game.
I took the Canal Martians and cavalry loving Tony the Green.
I got the initiative first in this exceptionally quick turnover game.  I got some forward, but Tony got his cavalry and artillery moving on reaction.


Cavalry coming along strong and the arty makes a run for the high ground.

I try a grenade run, that did nowt, dammit!

Gun frantically gets ready-

Scores a hit!

In the meanstwhile I come along strong.

A cannon shot displaces the lead cavalry.

On the flank my sled targets the shooters, but rolls crap and goes down in cyan bursts.

Zagging the cavalry pores through my crossbow, who never get a shot orf.

A long shot against the sled sends it scurrying for cover.

Warriors eye my heavies.

Fr a Green Martian, the leader can't arf roll bad.

My sled goes for cover.

The cavalry continues to cheeses my crossbow.

The shooters go for my sled, but height and armour defeats them.

My heavies get a couple knocked down, but actually does a gory death on one!

Last small sled goes for the warriors, but the artillery is setting up, time to bug out!

One cavalry gets downed, but my lighter troops are scattered and squashed.

In the best tradition, General vs General and mine gets spitted.

Then I roll a whole lot of 1's for morale.  Game over!

It sort of worked, but not well.  Can do better.  Watch this space.