Thursday, 5 July 2018

RS Moon Games becomes 2! Extrapolate!

No rest for the wicked. The Astragar Trail Boss survived the Dalek attempt to capture him, now it's his turn. The Uranusian Brains have been badly mauled by the Ying Tong, but they are in no fit state to exploit. So, can he grap one of their CPU'd before the Daleks?

We rolled Repair (read “swipe”) City and Cold Weather. That makes the boss non-reactive.
For the second game

Beknownst to the Astagar and us ('cos we're omniwotsit) the Daleks are after the same prize, but following along a bit behind. We rolled Repair (as above, Extrapolate!) Open battlefield, Looks like rain. Cold again. Guess its cold in Uranus.

Back to the first game.  The Astagar gained 20 from the Daleks.

Astagar. Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6” Jump 5”
Tactical discipline At the double, 10 +1” move tokens. Ranged attacks at -2. Ignore 1st pin, Armour1.
Trail Boss Difficult target, Diminutive, (nolegs/fast) Marksman1, Reptiloid, Leader 2, Reactive Stealth, 37
Claws 1 Zap Pistol (3) 3

Green robot trooper. Military Total 56
Artificial, Marksman2, Non reactive, Tough 24
Molecular slugthrower (4) Auto, infinite rounds 9
Slug pistol x2 (4) built in 14

Red robot tracker. Military Total 45
Artificial, Marksman2, Non reactive, fast, Perceptive3 26
Motion detector 4
Bionic eyes +1spot 4
Combat computer 4
Laser rifle (5) blind, energy, built in 7

Yellow robot, combat tech. Civilian model. Total 39
Artificial, Marksman2, Non reactive, Medic3, Robotech3, Tech1 35
Flamer pistol (3) built in scorching, energy, built in 7

Attackers: Trail boss, Green, Red & 2 Yellow robots 220.

Defenders: Tactical discipline Gestalt, all +1 psi per member, any ooa 1 stress.
Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6”

Indigo Difficult target, Leader1, Marksman 1, Psi, Psi master3, 35 Total 62
Bionic Body +1 armour, electrical weapons +2 Bionic Arm +1 armour, 1 attack Crunch in unarmed combat if hits by 2 or more, destroys hand held or other equipment plus damage 1. 11
Sonic pistol (2) built-in 7 Ignores armour unless sealed.
Bolster 1 +1 morale when linked
Encourage 4 +1 activation when linked
Guidance 4 +1 reaction when linked 16

Green Difficult target, Marksman 1, Psi, 13 Total 31
Bionic body & arm 11
Sonic pistol (2) built-in 7

Orange Difficult target, Marksman 1, Psi, 13 Total 32
Bionic body & arm 11
Sonic rifle (3) built-in 8

Purple, Difficult target, Marksman 1, Psi, 13 Total 31
Bionic body & arm 11
Sonic pistol (2) built-in 7

Yellow Difficult target, Marksman 1, Psi, 13 Total 40
Bionic body & arm 11
Laser pistol (4) 6
Flamer pistol (5) 8
Detect weakness 2 within 12”, +1 damage. 16

Game 1  I took the Astagar (for a change!)  I split them into 2.  Red robot & the 2 yellows to barrel down the middle and grab the CPU.  The Trail Boss and the Green sneak underneath to be passed the CPU then slither the heck out of there.

Tony got the initiative and slid on.

I got so far on reactions

The Red started getting hit,  when the Brains could hit, they could be fairly effective.

Brains eye view.

Laser rifles do damage-.

Taking the high ground helps.

Moving in for a good shot.

Oh crap, it's self repairing!

Yellows, get in there!

Boss in position, Yellows moving in.

Protect the Yellow - kill the Yellow.

Yellow vs Yellow, first one down, lots of pins.

Dead and down Brains piling up.

Green sneaking in the rough.

Get that green - but don't foeget the Yellow!

Second Yellow down.  So much for that plan.

Red is finally dead.

That leaves me with the Green and Trail Boss, 2 brains left.

Venusian standoff.

Amazingly, the Brain won!

"I'd have got away with it if it wasn't for you stubborn Brains!"


Game 2  We had enough time for a second game, just.  Have to presume that there's some time betwix games.  The Trail Boss has hidden and healed.  Brains have rebooted (we diced for it) one of the robots.

The Black Dalek faction has been pretty quiet since clobbering the Brains first time around. That victory gives 'em 220 as well. They are becoming more experienced. You will notice that the basic construction of the Drone is diverging from the Science Faction-.

Daleks Black Dalek Faction. Tactical discipline Cool under fire 8 -1pin.
Armour3 Crawl 1” Walk 2” Run 4” Sprint 6”
Not affected by bolster,encourage, guidance, mindbolt, mindscream, nightmares, mind control.
+1 spotting. Halve distance if aimed shot.

Blacktop sub-commander Artificial, Leadership1 Marksman1 Tough, Reactive, Steadfast 38
Bionic eyes 4 Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7 Total 49

Drone Artificial, Marksman1 Tough, Reactive, Steadfast. 32
Bionic eyes 4 Laser pistol (4) mounted variable, 7 Total 43

Black Top & 4 drones, 218.

Defenders are the 3 survivors plus the robot.  They have gained Marksman 2 due to experience gained.

A pile of spent robots.

The Brains busy themselves with chores.  The Boss watches and waits.

Here they come!  The Trail Boss does a runner.  But wait!  There's an unforeseen problem!  Daleks cannot climb.

Target aquired.


But not for long-.


A rapid flurry of shots, 2 damaged Daleks including the Black Top.

Tail end drone gets its head blown off.

3 down, 2 left - what!

That's it, expose yourself, learnt to use downed robot for cover.

Hah, down and damaged.

Now I'm getting them down.

A mix of close as dare and sniping.

Daleksconquor and destroy.  Every time a pesky Brain sticks its head up, it gets slapped down.

The Trail Boss sticks his snout out and kills the rearmost Dalek while the rest are distracted.

The CPU is unguarded, now's the chance!

Up again.  It's proving difficult to keep a good brain down.

Giving up the initiative allows for chits to be used.  Auto repair engaged!


The Trail Boss gets the CPU and scarpers!

Red gets it.

The last drone goes.

The survivors.  Yellow for the Brains.  Black Top Dalek.  And the winner, The Trail boss who gets away with the goodies.

Well! That was intense, quick and deadly.  Brains did an awful lot better on home territory!

The survivor.  Gained 20 from 1st game & 12 from 2nd
Yellow Difficult target, Marksman 2 , Reactive,  Psi, 24 Total 51
Bionic body & arm 11
Laser pistol (4) 6
Flamer pistol (5) 8
Detect weakness 2 within 12”, +1 damage. 16
Freebies from the Red Robot:
Motion detector 4
Bionic eyes +1 spot 4
Combat computer 4

Trail Boss gains 12 for succeeding.
Trail Boss Difficult target, Diminutive, (nolegs/fast) Marksman2, Reptiloid, Leader 2, Reactive Stealth2, Tech 50
Claws 1 Zap Pistol (3) 3  Dalek Laser mounted as carbine, Laser rifle (6) blind, energy.