Monday, 6 February 2017

Rogue Stars Redcoat test Dominar Rigels Strong Kung Fu!

Redshirt Rules Test From Andrea.
Dominar Rigel vs the Minions of the Ying Tong of Yam Sham Poo

The Plot Last time on the planet Neuvo Mars the force lead by the late Dr Syn Die failed in their Manhunt to capture said august being. So a new force is hastily assembled from those left behind and dispatched with the customary lack of preparation. They catch them on an Irradiated Wasteland studded with explosive radon just outside the previous location.
I SAID remember where we parked!”

One of the reasons I chose this follow-on game is that I'd already introduced a couple of 22 points Minions, so I'm using them en masse here.

In order to test the rules as thoroughly as I can, the game will be played twice, with each side taking the activation first, as I think this could make the difference!  But it didn't.

Dread Yang Sham Poo
Lord Crun Ambidextrous, Civilian (Redshirt), Leader 1, Reactive, Weapon master 1, Martial arts 2 =18
Light combat armour, 2 force swords = 26 Total =44

Minion Civilian, Marksman1 Martial arts 2 = 0
Light combat armour, Heavy blaster rifle 22

Lord Crun 44
Minions 7x 22 = 154
Total 198

Dominar & bodyguards These stay as per the first game.
Dominar Rigel Amphibian, Diminutive, Fast 2, Leader 2, Reactive, Marksman1 = 34
Force shield, Sonic rifle =22

Oddjob Big, Amphibian, Heavyworlder, Marksman2, Reactive, Tough2 =37
Light combat armour, Plasma pistol Built-in flamer rifle torso 32

Jaws Big, Amphibian, Heavyworlder, Marksman2, Reactive, Tough2 Weaponmaster 1=40
Light combat armour, Plasma pistol, Sword, Plasma pistol Built-in flamer rifle torso 34
Total 199

The Games Yes 2! We swapped sides. I'm not going into too much detail. The explosive bits were diced for and had a marked effect on the terrain use.

Game 1 I has the lead.

Got them this far, then decided to hand over initiative as stress was building-

Dominar Rigel takes a shot, blows up the dump, downing 2 of mine.

Dominar using available cover

Seeing the centre free, Jaws moves in.

I blow up a dump, knocking both Oddjob & Jaws down.

Unusually, the Dominar comes to the aid of his bodyguard Jaws.

Getting up, Jaws starts reducing the Redcoats to ruin.

With most of his minions gone, Lord Crun makes an attempt on the Dominar, but he's bracketed. 

 Game 2 The Dominar takes the lead

A far more cautious advance this time.

Are we looking for droids?

The Dominar decides to take cover and seeks height.  then he shoots again-

Bang! 4 down and pinned.

Now the Dominar gets into deeper cover and waits--

Oddjob works his way down the flank, away from explosives-

Lord Crun starts to work down the flank

 These 2 on the flank just hang around-

Sneaking around Lord Crun is rushed by Oddjob.  A brief fight where Oddjob gains pins.

Jaws decides to go right around the building-

Oddjob gets away, with 4 pin markers-

 Lord Crun goes after Jaws, but then he spots the retiring Oddjob.  Oddjob uses his breath weapon but all the pins means he simply gives Crun 2 pins.  Crun fights back and he's up to 6 pins-

Oddjob is ineffective due to sress & pins, but he tries his breath weapon again- a1! Fortunatelly he's simply "out of ammo" (it can happen to any chap) rather than exploding.

Jaws charges in and Crun gets in a lucky headshot.  Dominar Rigel decides that survival is better than valour and makes a run for it.

The other test was this kids toy as a stress& pin counter- it works, you can get a good assesment 
at a glance.  We considered using poker chips, but I know I'd knock 'em over!

Early in game 1, I'm building up less stress that Tony's using reactions!

This was near the end of the game. Crun (left) hasgained stress & pins fighting Oddjob.  Oddjobs (right) is building up-  Jaws has one stress from being shot at, Dominar has moved once.