Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Flashing Steel Japanese Wako pirates

Thanks to the response to our recent Flashing Steel game got us thinking “way back when” we first got it there was mooted a Japanese game. 

I didn't much of an excuse to buy a few figures and following a small thread in TMP and/or the old yahoo site we did a few Japanese games pre-blog. Then came along OGAM and these drifted into history.

Now we present a different type of pirate, the Japanese Wako. I wanted a group that would not follow orders, a leader without leadership ability and a couple of individuals. As it happened, I got this fairly spot on. In reflection, Battlesworn would have given a similar result without the bookwork.

The Boss
Points 58
Quality 5+
Combat 3

Gang, Leader, Ranger/Light Infantry, Strong, Sword - Rapier

Rebel Priest -
Points 50
Quality 4+
Combat 2

Blur of Steel, Ranger/Light Infantry, Sword - Rapier

Points 32
Quality 4+
Combat 2

Bow and Crossbow, Ranger/Light Infantry

Stroppy Bandits x 5
Points 35
Quality 5+
Combat 3

Gang, Pole Arm, Ranger/Light Infantry

The locals, a Samurai and his cronies. I could have spent time making these more individual but erred on the side of laziness. The servant cost less to balance the points exactly.

Samurai Archer
Points 75
Quality 4+
Combat 3

Bow and Crossbow, Leader, Murderous, Sword - Rapier

Points 43
Quality 4+
Combat 2

Forester, Gang, Pole Arm, Sword - other

Points 25
Quality 4+
Combat 2

Forester, Green, Sword - other

You'll note that I'm using the same basic scenery as last week plus some of my “to hand” buildings. The bamboo is trial 3, this time guilty. I thought I had enough to do a decent table. Damn. I've a few I can upgrade but I need to buy another packet via Amazon and this time cut 'em in 1/3 not ½.

The Game. The wako have been rumbled and being chased by the local cop. We decided on a selection of start points and Tony won the initiative, but promptly lost it. 

 I pushed my men forward and sent one chap to watch their rear, just in case they tried anything sneaky. An exchange of archery saw one pirate badly wounded.

I managed to head them off at the junction. As their boss started down the rat run a follower charged him, to be beaten down. Another one, same result! The archer shoots one, making him withdraw, the priest moves up to intercept the servant charging in on reaction. Another wako comes to the aid of his boss. The Samurai charges in and engages him, but he's side-charged by another and gets knocked down. The servant takes on the monk, wins, and he's down wounded.

The archer wounds a follower at the back. Yet another wako runs in and 2 of them kill the Samurai. Mine go back out of range a bit sharpish, but I don't lose anyone. Now my end guy runs in, and out, then follows until he gets to run at the archer who turns and shoots him stone dead.

My last remaining 3 make the usual stupid gesture, but they're outnumbered--.

A good fast game, Tony was frustrated by his sides inability to carry out cohesive action. Pirates, herding cats, got it.

The Samurai side was more cohesive and responsive. Not as good in combat. I was able to use Tony's fails-as-reactions to push them forward and shoot.

The action was very cinematic, we could see it in our minds eye, and I'd advise you to give it a go.

My rear guard comes forward to take the pressure off.

The second follower goes for the leader, the servant for the monk.

In comes the Samurai, I've removed the building for ease.

He's BEHIND you!
No he's not 'ees deaded!
The wako are mostly 15mm.co.uk except for the archer.
The Samurai is an eureka and the rest Red Dragon.