Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Flying Lead Going Large on Mars

Never, they say, reinvent the wheel. Sound advice. There are times, dear readers when one's vision and megalomaniac streak makes you want to go large. Then you realise that the rules (ahem, Harder Than Steel, coughs loudly in meaningful way, looking over glasses) have not been released yet.

And, just to rub salt into the open pustular sore, some B'stard releases what you crave (as opposed to actually need, this being a serious addiction). http://dropshiphorizon.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/mad-mecha-guy-15mm-flying-skiff.html

I have been working on some models of the Chumley, Warner and Patel bespoke contraptions for the discerning explorer, but ran out of, um, steam.

So this is a pale shadow of what is to come, oh my co-conspirators. Many moons ago when the Earth was a younger green and pleasant land I pitted a horde of Pyrats agin me stalwart Dorsetshires. This combination worked so well that I'm going to reuse it here, but with Flying Lead as opposed to its close relative Flying Steel. I'm going to make a few radical modifications based on the Quar rules. With a good dose of OGAM.

Command Activation.
Senior Officer rolls first, can use or pass down activations to next level, who can then roll and add that activation to their total. This had the effect of units nearest the CO moving first.

Middle officer's roll can now be used to activate a base, vehicle or unit as per normal group activation, except that 1 activation works on whole unit, not just 4.

2 fails still passes over initiative. Failed initiative = no end phase move.

End phase. Any unit not activated can perform either a move OR shoot activation. Start at one side and apply common sense (these move into range, so then these shoot). Can move into contact, but not fight. Caught unit can disengage if got initiative or reaction.

Shooting/fighting. Attacker uses 1 dice per 4 full combatants. Add C and weapon modifier to dice total. Defender uses 1 dice per 4 full combatants plus C. Every +3, 1 dead. +1 one repelled from base +2, 2 repelled from base, each requiring an activation to return to coherence.

This is a follow-on to our last game. The Prince has yet to return so his brother Prince Humper is in charge. There is a consecutive game to follow as I'm trying to catch the feel of those pulp productions possibly perfectly.

The Forces. I haven't costed this, as it's not yer usual game, ok?

Forces of the Dread City Republic of Bananos, dread city of the Death Cult priests!

High Priest CO with bodyguard Q3 C2 Fanatic, Long range +2

Sub commander with maiden guards Q3 C2 poor shots, fanatics, Medium range +2

Maiden Guards Q4 C2 Fanatics, Poor shots, Medium range +2

Chosen (zombie) shooters Q3 C1 Long range +2

Chosen (zombie) rabble Q4 C1 x 3

The Expeditionary column of Prince Humper of Allumpa.

Prince Humper of Allumpa. A Hero Q3 C2

City Infantry, ½ shooters, ½ swords. Q3 C3 poor shots X2.

Sub Commander Biggus Dickus, A human transported Hero, Q3 C4

Mercenaries 1/2 shooters ½ swords Q4 C2 poor shots. X2.

Japanese Allies
Chumley, Warner and Patel bespoke contraption plus 4 fighting crew , Vehicle C5 Q4, Medium
Crew Q3 C3, Dashing x2 Infantry can be detached as separate unit(s)

Japanese may seem odd, but Space 1899 says there are several trading posts. I'm extrapolating that Samurai who disagree with the changes in culture at home would welcome the chance to live a more traditional life on Mars, where the tribal Martians present an ideal enemy.

There's a mix here. Martian Empires Martians, Irregular Miniatures Mohicans, smaller samples from my Japanese collection, as the Martian 18mm are quite small-. I hope you like the http://www.ralparthaeurope.co.uk/shop/1879-c-126/samsut-c-126_146/ Plus a pack of cultists. I'm often accused of painting “too dark” so decided to go the other way, quite pleased with these. You'll detect the influence of The Last Empire raised dead.

Playing the game. The rules made for quick turns with most units doing something or totally failing-.

Tony took the mixed force and won the initiative. All his moved forward, putting mine in danger-. My zombies surged forward and I started to move my zombie shooters, as they were to be my hinge-.

On came the constructions, grinding through my zombies. Ouch. Zombie shooters should be able to destroy or impede them, but 3 fails in a row-. My leader can see 2 machines coming right at him. Recall the maidens! They leap in and destroy a contraption due to Tony rolling bad for once!

One Japanese crew cannot resist going hand to hand and lose one! Even the CnC gets stuck in-.

If I'd costed it, I think the Princes party overwhelmed the city. I need to make and get more, cavalry, artillery, city heavy infanrty.

I hope you will take something from this and our Giant Rat game of June 2014. If you need to go Large, go for it, have fun.

Prince at the back, Hero to the front.

My  CnC looks awfully exposed-

My Sub-commander gets stuck in-

NEVER give a zombie a cunning plan----
The Prince gets stuck in-

"They shall not pass!"