Monday, 7 September 2015

Steampunk Battlesworn "Quick n Dirty"

Dearest reader, I try to give the impression of being organised and prepared – such is the power of the blog!

Tony had work problems so we didn't have time to do “For a few Sheyang more”. I'd noted my article on steampunking Battlesworn earlier in the day, and a box of figures was close to the top of the pile. The buildings are all lucky finds from the Works and 99p store (UK). Made ready for a planned Baroque (pre VSF) game for Harder Than Steel. Tony bought a whole bagfull at a car boot sale with these vehicles in it. I've got more based up – somewhere. The layout is nice and open, allowing movement without losing too much realism. If doing another system with stick based movement the terrain would contract to half the size. The base is 2 black and grey foamcore boards we'd picked up last week at hobbycraft, never seen it before. I love it when a load of bits come together.

The forces are from Irregular Miniatures bought for The Giant Rat of Sumatra series. Part of my on-going “not in her madg's service” forces. I hadn't planned it but I had exactly enough Chou's, who fielded 4 fighters including Fu Man Chou as the leader and 7 shooters. Sir Hugh Trumpton's leader & 7 more Gurkha shooters and 4 Royal Navy fighters. For want of a dinosaur on a lorry, I added a Memsaab roughly central as the objective. You don't need one but I feel it helps. Both sides have to do an “L” to shoot and/or “Z” to get into contact.

I managed to get a good group on table then flung 2 Ghurkas up to the Memsaab. Tony built up a force by the vehicles then worked forward to engage me and sent shooters to the head of the alleys, effectively pinning me. Tony's tactic was to send his swordsmen into contact supported by shooters. I used my actions for shooting, which is a double edged sword when the opponent can shoot back.

At my front a strong firefight developed then a swordsmen charged my sailors, killing one and wounding another before going under. Another attacked from the flank, engaging my front shooters.
At my rear we had an “Indiana Jones” conflict with the swordsman taking 3 hits to go down. To protect my rear I flung 2 sailors up the passage, that gave me a secure rear but at a high cost.

The dread Fu Man Chou dashed to the centre and was wounded by a stalwart Gurkha. Unfortunately Tony's losses were too great, he got 2 away but 2 more were captured.

We had some thoughts, including using cars. Considering as cavalry plus 1 to carry up to 3. Machine gun (or similar) costs 2 and can shoot 2 adjacent targets per 1 action or reaction. Either fixed position or cost one to pick up/set up.

I will come back to this and do some pre-planning.