Thursday, 27 August 2015

"He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty necromancer"

I have been challenged to turn this into a wargame.  Challenge accepted but I'd like to turn the cowboys into the more historically correct pirate.  If you cannot be yourself, be a pirate!  This would also make a good LARP as well-.

The mythical and historical background.
The main character is the usual amalgam of Judas the Galilean, leader of the Sicarioi Zealots, and his brother the Nazirite James usually given the Greek names Jesus Christ (Savior Savior) who is portrayed in the bible as a magician/mystic necromancer.

The cast
So we can carry on the same split, we need a magic user type and a heroic leader plus a band of liberation front supporters – it's beginning to look like the PLO from back in the day when being muslim wasn't as important as blowing people and planes up.

Other backgrounds.
I'd love to see a bollywood version of this.
Chinese with King Monkey and crew vs hopping vampires.
Baroque, hero tricked into pulling the stake out.
Victorian, an African Rider-Haggard setting, perhaps? I can reuse the Romans & Pirates! Imhotep-
WW2 Here's the perfect bad-taste use for Rebel's zombie Nazi's.
Modern, well we're into Buffy territory here.
Sf trans-genetic horror with a heroic captain and his science officer.

There are several rules sets in the Ganesha stable that will suit, so I'm going to throw the wosname on the water. Please, have a go and let us know what you do.

In 15mm there's some choice;
Irregular Miniatures have “generic muslim insurgents” in their excellent Colonial range.
Rebel's Egyptian civilians and diggers, mummies, Pirate and Nazi zombies. have a set of zombies that are generic (and open handed) enough to use
Museum Miniatures have hordes and dead that includes arabs.
Old Glory's Horror range has a few useful bits such as vampires and vampire hunters.

Romans are everywhere, I like the look of Splintered Light's auxilaries. But I cannot find any Roman zombies!

I feel the birth of the “Dirka Dirka Ghurka Shirkers” mob for my “not in 'er madges name” project.

Now where can I get 15mm add-on fish? Those plastic tubes of animals, I wonder if there's a swordfish?