Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Of 15mm Daleks and Me

The second episode of Dr Who, you had to be there. Zoom on to now and you have the excellent Dalek Second Empire, which has proved inspirational towards my latest Dalek wargaming project!

First off, there are no 15mm Daleks available. The BBC doesn't seem (in my humble opinion) to like the concept, as there are no licences available. Khurasan's Dethroids are NOT Daleks, and my use as a substitute is all me own work, Guv, 'onest.  http://khurasanminiatures.tripod.com/planet15.html
(about halfway down the page - ee keeps adding!  I keep wanting!)

Here are some nice pictures of “straight” off the peg Exterminators.

Now some basic conversions using GZG and Scotia 6mm vehicle guns. The alternate dome is from Germy's 2mm range sold through GZG. The left over weapon makes an excellent smoke dispenser for 15mm vehicles.

Uber Dalek project. Originally these were my second attempt at creating a 15mm Dalek, but they are simply too large. I would suggest that if you require a 28mm Spider-Dalek these would fit the bill.

Here are some I made earlier.

(upgrading now!  watch this space, it's on the list!)

The recipe is quite simple, the base unit is a GZG spider walker, the top a slightly squashed recon drone. Shields are grav plates and a variety of weapons are from the bits box, gleaned from smaller, mostly GZG vehicles. Although you can buy separately from Old Crow and Combat Wombat.

Here's a batch of the newer code, made as a Heavy Squad HW Dalek, allowing the others to be used at Platoon level.

(coming soon, need a bit of paint first!)

Of course I had to make an Emperor. I didn't need one, he's never likely to appear on the table. But he is there. Again all GZG model, the base is used as pillar for 25mm auto gun and ORC space station part. The top is from Germy's 2mm range, a circular dropship.

With these heavy weapon Daleks we will be invincible and take our place as the supreme species in the universe!

Now this is going to make me seem like a complete anorak, but I'm not, honest. My next project is to go through Dalek Second Empire and note the names, weapons and personalities. I will then present them as a package to be used with Ganesha's rules.